WATCH! President Trump’s Weekly Address; Politician in Netherlands Fighting for his people; and Tim Tebow

President Trump’s Weekly Address March 3, 2017
President Trump continues to express his encouragement and hope as he details and updates the American people regarding an overview of what his team carried out this last week in his weekly address. 
Although, it was optimistic and hopeful as President Trump usually is, this address was slightly different as it was aboard the, soon-to-be-commissioned, USS Gerald R Ford. He describes America’s aircraft carriers as “the centerpiece of American military might projecting power and are totally unparalleled strength at sea.” In addition, the USS Gerald R. Ford specifically “represents the future of naval aviation and she will serve as a cornerstone of our national defense for decades and decades to come”.
The President addressed his recent speech to a joint session of Congress and his budget plan to cut spending while also growing our nation’s military to the size and strength that it needs to be. Some of the branches within our military are the smallest they have been since Word War I. His plans are not to continue down the road that has been presented to our military in the past. “Investing in the military means investing in peace because the best way to prevent war as George Washington said is to be prepared for it.”
See the President sharing these encouraging and uplifting words with the USS Gerald R Ford in the backdrop, as well as his entire update from this week’s actions, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: economy, ship building, Marine Corps, Airmen, Coast Guard, sequester, and the Marine Strike Fighter. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Geert Wilders; Marked for Death, Author and Possible next Prime Minister of Netherlands Interview: NEXIT- Take Netherlands Out of the European Union
The need for a voice sounding out against the established policies of government and politics is not only happening in America, it is also happening in the European country of The Netherlands. Geert Wilders is continually known as an outspoken voice against the politics of government. As CBN reports, he may be carrying out a similar shakeup of the established government in the Netherlands as President Donald Trump is doing in America, just don’t call Wilders ‘The Donald Trump of the Netherlands’.
Wilders is a resounding voice against the European Union and its presence in Europe. With his outspoken stance on government, he isn’t against all government, as he himself is a politician. His most recent comments have received backlash considering it “hate speech”. His crime? He stated that “there are too many Moroccans in the Netherlands”. As he continues to share the evidence that served as the foundation for his comments, he shared this. “80 percent of the Dutch jihadists who go to fight in Syria are Moroccans. 80 percent. They are 22 times over represented when it comes to street crime, and 60 percent of the Moroccan youth under the age of 23 has been arrested at least once…” What he also describes as “ridiculous” is the Dutch judge that decided to consider Moroccans as a “race”.
Wilders is not the only one who has made these observations. According to Wilders, “The people are fed up by if they say something about the influx of the mass immigration from mostly Islamic countries”. He continues, “what they really feel is the threat for the safety of their daughters who go to school or their parents who walk in the park or themselves going shopping on a Thursday evening in Holland – they are being called racist if they make a remark about, ‘hey this is not our country anymore.’”
What makes the times increasingly strenuous on the Dutch economy is the double standards that are taking place within the Dutch government. Wilders explains, “…our government has spent billions of euros on them, and the Dutch people know. They have had the past few years enormous, tough, austerity measures. Pensions were cut. The public health services for elderly people were cut.” While this was happening, the government had a different take on those coming into the country. “And at the same time people saw while the government has these enormous austerity measures, that the government spent billions of euros on asylum seekers who really weren’t asylum seekers but migrants looking for a better life.”
Looking at the picture as a whole, Wilders isn’t focused on the asylum seekers, but the government. “I don’t even blame the people for trying to have a better life here. I blame our government for allowing it to happen; for not saying ‘enough is enough you are not a refugee’, we have to defend our own country and close our borders.” As is true with America, as is true with every nation, Wilder addresses the urgent priority of an established border. “A country without a border is like a person in a house without a front door. Anybody can enter and you cannot ask anybody to leave.”
Nationalism is beginning to happen again in the world, as was addressed by Rick Joyner. It is okay to be Israeli. It is okay to get our nation back to its original intentions. The enemy wants a borderless society. God has the ability and control to establish a nation, as well as the full capabilities to take down a nation. Hear the full discussion about what is taking place in The Netherlands, in Europe, the full interview with Geer Wilders, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: NEXIT, President Donald Trump, The European Union, The Roman Empire, 24 -hour police security, and the media. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Move US Embassy to Jerusalem?: Congressional Delegation in Israel on Exploration Trip
Many had hoped that the Trump Administration would have made the topic of moving the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv Jaffa to Jerusalem a number one priority by addressing it as soon as he took office. It hasn’t happened that way. The President has not only been looking deeply into the topic, but a delegation recently traveled to Israel to look further into the matter.
CBN reports on the recent update regarding the delegation and their events while in Israel. Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis addressed that the delegation was not sent by President Trump, but that it was important to research the matter. “I thought it was important to come out and get some knowledge in the Congress about where this thing will actually be”. He also shared that “[President Trump’s] in a position where he’s either going to follow his campaign promise or he’s going to have to sign this waiver…” When Congress signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995 requiring the US Embassy to be moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, every President has postponed the act due to “security” by signing a waiver every 6 months. As CBN reports, the delegation visited potential embassy sites, as well as met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
As President Trump now mans the Office of the President, he has the approaching opportunity to be the first President since the Jerusalem Embassy Act was passed, to make it a reality. The last waiver signed by former President Barack Obama expires in May of 2017. While speaking to reporters, Congressman DeSantis points out three reasons why he thinks it’s important to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Most notably, “I think it really shows that America is standing, for square behind our allies here in Israel…”
Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel and it is the true capital of Israel regardless of the fact that the many embassies from the nations around the world are currently located in Tel-Aviv Jaffa. Israel is God’s land. It is God’s people. Israel will never be pushed into the seas as some countries may claim. Be encouraged and lifted up as you see the entire comments from Congressman DeSantis and so much more. Also shared in this segment: waiver, 50th Anniversary of 1967 Six-Day War, Knesset, Iran, Gulf States, and security issues. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Lori McKeeman, VFNtv Audience Member, Serves the Israeli Defense Forces Every Year
It is so encouraging to know how we are reaching our many audience members through the region of the Gulf Coast as well as throughout the world. It is additionally encouraging when we are able to meet them in person and hear them share their heart towards what the Lord is doing in their lives. Lori McKeeman recently visited the VFN Dream Center and talked about how the Lord has opened up opportunities to sow and bless Israel.
When anyone considers the potential possibility of traveling to Israel, all they have to do is listen to Lori’s words of her times in the Holy Land. When some would choose a suite in a local hotel, Lori chooses a more “hands on” approach. She has stayed in the barracks of the IDF, along with the soldiers. She gets involved in everything she can, just for the sheer opportunity to support and bless the IDF; everything from sweeping the streets, to fixing communication equipment.  On a recent trip, she stayed in Beer Sheva that provided views of the Iron Dome.

Lori was not only able to bless the IDF with her support and services, but she was also able to bless others by sharing the Gospel. As she explains, every time she goes, God shows her an open door to minister to others and share the Gospel with them. While she blesses others, she has also received blessings, especially when she was able to learn Hebrew from a former IDF soldier who now lives in the Gulf Coast region.
Allow your love of Israel to grow even more as you hear first hand the beauty of the land, as well as the people, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Sid Roth, Old Testament, mandatory service, kibbutz, Abraham, Jewish Federation, Kristallnacht, and divine encounters. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

Malcom Muggeridge’s Words from 1970 Ring True today, Ravi Zacharias 
Ravi Zacharias is sharing the Gospel all over the world through his ministry Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. As he shares, the priority is the Gospel lightly sprinkled with apologetics. He has a great gift for apologetics and expressing the message of the Gospel. He recently quoted Malcolm Muggeridge  and his comments on the 20th Century Man.
“It is difficult to resist the conclusion that 20th Century Man has decided to abolish himself. Tired of the struggle to be himself, he has created boredom out of his own affluence, impotence out of his erotomania, and vulnerability out of his own strength. He himself blows the trumpet that brings the walls of his own city crashing down.

Until at last, having educated himself in imbecility; having drugged and polluted himself into stupefaction, he keels over a weary-battered old Brontosaurus and becomes extinct.”
What is surprisingly intriguing about these words is how accurate they are to today’s generation. Zacharias continues to add to these words by pointing out how we have become the essence of each of these observations. We thought the 60’s were bad. It has only gotten worse. The enemy knows how deeply valuable and important family is and has done everything in his arsenal to destroy any recollection or similarity to it. Now, we no longer know our own gender, we no longer know who we are, or how to relate as family. In this dire observation of the 20th Century Man, be encouraged as you are reminded of the hope that God has given us in the Body of Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: erotomania, impotence, education, ordinary choices, Cloward & Piven, abortion, sexual revolution, and blessings. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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