President Trump’s Speech on the USS Gerald R Ford, Newly Commissioned Aircraft Carrier

LISTEN NOW! President Trump is continuing his words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement as he recently visited the soon to be commissioned USS Gerald R. Ford. It is the newest of the Navy’s aircraft carriers, and as President Trump describes it as , “a monument to American might that will provide the strength necessary to ensure peace”. The President quickly honored the Ford family, the many men and women who took part in the construction of the Navy ship, as well as the men and women of our military and U.S. Navy. The USS Gerald R. Ford is no small vessel. Its size is comparable to nearly 4.5 acres of land, will host 4500 personnel and carry 70 aircraft.
President Trump casted a hopeful vision for our nation’s military as he described the advancements and equipment that is coming to our many service members. “We will have the finest equipment in the world; planes, ships and everything else. We are going to have very soon the finest equipment in the world. We will give our military the tools you need to prevent war and if required to fight war and only do one thing, you know what that is, win…” The President also continued to point to the new aircraft carrier and its ability to fight wars. “This great aircraft carrier provides essential capabilities to keep us safe from terrorism and take the fight to the enemy for many years in the future.”Considering this important reality in war fighting, President Trump quotes the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet during World War II, Admiral Nimitz. “It is the function of the Navy to carry the war to the enemy so that will not be fought on US soil.”
As the President paints a hopeful future, he details the grim reality that the US Military is currently in regarding its size. “Our Navy is the smallest it’s been…since World War I.” But he has plans to take the Navy to new heights. “I just spoke with Navy and industry leaders and have discussed my plans to undertake a major expansion of our entire Navy fleet including having the 12 carrier Navy we need.” As the President continues to describe, it will be the American military that will lead the way. “American ships will sail the seas. American planes will soar the skies. American workers will build our fleets.”

It is so exciting see the President sharing such hopeful words as well as supporting our nation’s military and the military supporting him. See the President’s full speech as well as his arrival on the USS Gerald R Ford, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: budgets, military, technology, innovation, leadership, fleets, sequester, defense spending, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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