President Trump’s Weekly Address 03-18-17: New Economic Model- “ The American Model”

LISTEN NOW! (or Watch Full Program!) President Donald Trump is addressing the nation once again for his weekly address as he remembers the 250th anniversary of Andrew Jackson. Jackson defeated the British in New Orleans and later became our nation’s 7thPresident. As the President remembers our important history, he also keeps his focus on generating jobs for America’s economy as he traveled to Michigan to revive manufacturing jobs. The location in Michigan serves as an intersection in our nation’s history once again, as it points to the future of our automobile industry while also reminding us of memorable moments of history: notably World War II. It was during World War II that this plant birthed the iconic figure of “Rosie the Riveter” and her well known line of “We Can Do It”. The President continues to cast optimistic vision for our nation as he expresses that we need a new model, “The American Model”. See the full address from our President as he walks us through the mighty accomplishments in our nation’s history, how he is bringing jobs back, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: B-24 Liberator, engineering, B-24 Bombers, and Willow Run Plant. Greg shared in this segment.

screen capture from White House



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