Prophecy: Former Attorney General to be used to stir strife and division against all races, hired by California to represent them against Pres. Trump’s – Administrtation

LISTEN NOW! (or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) As the Trump Administration becomes more and more comfortable in their new roles and positions, many may have already forgotten those that held previous roles during the Obama Administration. But, one previous individual is important to remember. The Lord revealed prophetically that Eric Holder, who was the Attorney General in the Obama Administration was being used to stir up strife. In this encounter, the Lord showed Eric Holder offending many different people, of all races. What the Lord was revealing was that Holder was being used to bring division in our country.
Of all the states that have been most opposed to the current President, President Trump and his Administration, is California, as they have fought against his policies on nearly every platform imaginable. The state of California recently hired Holder to represent California to fight against President Trump, as reported by The New York Times.
When we look at the past eight years, everything imaginable that could be divided, was divided. It is God that is the cohesiveness that holds all things together. When we turn away from God, He lifts His hands-off things. It was during this 8-year season that America continually made decisions that were against Israel. We cannot stand against Israel. We must stand with Israel. It is anti-Semitism, racism against Jews, that is the root of all racism. Racism will be dealt with in America.
It is vital that the Church pray for America, and that Eric Holder would not be used to bring division against President Trump, or any division within our country. Anything divided cannot stand. See the full report of what God has prophetically revealed how Eric Holder would be used to bring division, how racism is connected to anti-Semitism, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Iran, mock aircraft carriers, elections, sanctuary cities, and ethnic groups. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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