WATCH! Prophecy: It Takes 60 Years for a Strategic Terrorist Attack to Unfold, “McCarthyism”, Russians, FBI Director Comey; “ What was will be Again”

LISTEN NOW! (or Watch Full Program!) When we think of terrorist attacks, some may remember the 9/11 Attacks in New York City and the many different attacks that have taken place in our nation, as well as abroad. What we may not consider is the planning that goes into these horrific attacks. The Lord has prophetically revealed that “it takes 60 years for a terrorist attack”. As we are now in 2017, looking back 60 years, to 1967 reveals some surprising events.
During 1967 the events of the McCarthy hearings  unfolded that gripped the attention of the nation. During this time, the recognition of Communism in America was evident, and the urgency to root out Communism that was reportedly within our government had to be identified and removed as well. McCarthy stood up as a voice to identify these Communist individuals that were not for our Country, nor our ideals or values. At the time, people said it would be too difficult to identify these reported individuals.
Fast forward to present day, and what are we hearing from our government is the same activities of a “shadow government”, people who are currently working in our Federal government are not supportive of our President or his Administration. We are hearing repeated reports regarding the topic of Russia’s reported involvement in our recent Presidential Elections. made this statement about FBI Director, James Comey, who recently spoke during a hearing about the reported involvement of Russia; “Mr. Comey provided a rare moment of levity when asked if he believed the inquiry into Russian meddling and possible connections to the Trump campaign was a form of “McCarthyism.” Of all the events in our history to compare it to. It is additionally interesting to note that the Lord also spoke prophetically to John Kilpatrick when he revealed, “What Was – Will Be Again”.
When we look closer at President Donald Trump, we see even more similarities in the present days as to what took place in 1967. During the time of the McCarthy Hearings, McCarthy had an attorney, Roy Cohn, that advised him.  Roy Cohn was later Donald Trump’s attorney in the 1970’s. What is surprising is that an individual who stands up for The Constitution, for the Church, for Israel, for our borders, is being attacked and criticized.

As the Lord revealed prophetically, just like it was for Truman, so it will be for Trump. God wants us to pay attention to these events, not be surprised or anxious and worried that they are happening. We know in advance as the Lord has shown us. We must pray for the protection of our President, for wisdom to his Cabinet members, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Hear the full conversation as you begin to understand the connection between 1967, today, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Congress, freedom, Republic, The Constitution, Socialism, “ISMs”, and purging. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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