Revival SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES and The Glory of God! Powerful Miracles in Cartagena, Colombia

Andres Bisonni is traveling the Continents sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and that He loves, and He saves. It is such a stirring sight to see how so many are being touched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Revival is taking place all across the world. Powerful miracles are happening in Cartagena, Colombia. As Basani shares about how God desires for us to know who we are as sons and daughters, it is through the Holy Spirit that we are brought into the heart of God. God wants an intimate relationship with us. “He wants for you to close the door of your room and for you to spend time alone with God.” As Basani is sharing this encouraging truth, many are holding their hands high, tears streaming down their faces, and reaching to touch the heart of God. “In Cartagena, Colombia, Jesus Christ is Lord!”

God is not only revealing His heart, but He is touching lives and healing with the power of The Holy Spirit. A woman is completely healed after 13 years of fibromyalgia. “For the first time, I don’t’ have any pain in my body.” When a woman shares about the healing that took place with her lung, she speaks through an interpreter saying, “she literally felt a hand come into her lung, took out her lung, and then placed a new lung inside of her.”
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Revival SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES and The Glory of God! Holy Spirit Fire falling in INDIA
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