Revival SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES and The Glory of God! The Holy Spirit Power in Huntsville Prison!

Andres Bisonni is following the Holy Spirit as he is seeing the power of the Lord breaking out in nations across the world, he is traveling to large nations as well as small nations. As he shares about his experiences and testimonies of what God has done, he describes that the most powerful moment that God moved was in Huntsville Prison. Bisonni recounts his memories leading up to the moment that he was going to minister to these inmates. “So I stood at the door of the chapel and I greeted every one of the criminals that was coming in; and in their faces you could see so much despair, so much anguish, so much guilt, shame, anger.”


After receiving the limitation of only having 40 minutes with the inmates, Bisonni decided to deliver the simple message of the Gospel. Moments after beginning the Holy Spirit began to move mightily and the aisles began to fill with knees bowing to Jesus Christ. “And as I began to pray for the first row, the power of the Holy Spirit began to touch them and they began to fall inside of the prison.” As soon as it began, the 40 minutes were up. To see the very realities of the love of God moving in this moment is a beautiful sight to see. What is additionally moving is the very words that the Lord revealed to Bisonni while he himself was laying amidst these inmates, all under the power of God. 

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