“Saudi Arabia has very stringent standards …, I think it’s far enough for the U.S. to make sure that its security is protected.” says Advisor to Saudi Arabian Prince regarding President Trump’s exercising of Extreme Vetting

LISTEN NOW! (Or Watch Full Program!)Since President Trump has sworn to protect and defend the United States, he made our borders a high priority by also recently exercising a temporary ban on immigration from individuals from certain countries. While some were immediately opposed to the President’s efforts, it is important to remember that the recent terror attack that just took place in the United Kingdom can easily happen within our borders. This is why our President sees the extreme vetting process as such an urgent priority. When Bret Baier recently spoke with Prince Feisal bin Farin Al Saud, who is an advisor to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they discussed the recent meeting between President Trump and the Crown Prince; and the relationship between America and Saudi Arabia.
Prince Feisal commented on the Crown Prince’s urgency to meet with President Trump regarding Saudi Arabia’s support of America. ”Prince Mohammed was very keen to come meet the President Trump as early as possible to re-emphasize the importance of the relationship between the two countries and you know, to reinvigorate the strategic long-standing partnership that we’ve had between partners and allies for 50 years.” Baier also pointed to President Trump’s comments about creating Safe Zones in Syria and the battle against ISIS. Prince Feisal shared an encouraging response by stating, “I think that we are more than ready to cooperate with the United States on countering ISIS, in Syria, in Iraq, across the region…” He also adds this important factor, “…not just financially, but the Saudi government offered, in the Obama Administration time, to send its troops into Syria to fight ISIS. That was not met with enthusiasm by the Obama Administration. I think that offer remains on the table.” With the understanding of Saudi Arabia willing to fight against ISIS, Baier asks Prince Feisal what his response is to President Trump’s actions of vetting and the limitation of immigration from certain countries. “Look, Saudi Arabia has very stringent standards as to who it allows in its country, so, I think we understand completely where the President is coming from, in that regard.” He continues, “As long as he assures us, and assures the world that it’s not something directed at any one religion, I think it’s far enough for the U.S. to make sure that its security is protected.”

Having a vetting process is normal. Businesses do this. Any normal homeowner would do this to any person standing at their front door. We wouldn’t just let anybody into our home. The actions of the President are in alignment with the original intent of how the Office of the Presidency should be ran, to uphold the safety of our nation and the defense of its borders. We have simply gotten so far away from how it should be carried out that many would perceive normalcy as extreme. Be encouraged as you see the entire dialogue with the Advisor to the Saudi Crown Prince, the importance of upholding the Original Intent of our nation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: border security, Radical Islam, partnership, economic stability, oil prices, Gulf States, terrorism, and government. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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