Terrorist Attack in United Kingdom, At Least 4 Reported Dead
Tragic news is being released from the United Kingdom as terror has truck the streets outside of Parliament. CNN has reported that four people were killed when a vehicle drove through a crowd of bystanders. Gunshots rang out and a police officer was stabbed to death. Two witnesses described the carnage, “at least 10 to 12 bodies just lying in different places along the bridge…it was horrendous.” It is presently being called a terrorist attack by UK authorities.
This rings reminder to the prophetic word regarding Guy Fawkes who rose up in rebellion against government. Pray for the United Kingdom that Islam would not win in this nation but that Christianity would move upon the hearts. Pray also for the leadership in the United Kingdom and the families of those who have lost loved ones. See the full report of what is taking place and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, prayer, and borders. Greg shared in this segment.

Politics Being taken out of our Border Patrol and the Needed Resources Coming to DHS; The Re-building of Protection on America’s Borders!
It is vital that any President of the United States see the borders of America as a priority. When Donald Trump was Candidate Trump, the borders of America were a priority. Now that he is our President, he has continued that same urgency and priority of protecting America’s borders. The Homeland Security Committee is walking step in step with the President’s priorities of strengthening our Southern border.
Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, Congressman Michael McCaul, and his Committee are taking proactive steps to take control back once again of our borders. Representative Candice Miller shared these encouraging words about our border, “we are now going to demonstrate to the American people that we hear them, that we know what our responsibilities are, they can hold us accountable, we intend to have operational control of our borders, we intend to secure our borders.” But, the encouragement doesn’t stop there. Congressman McCaul understands that politics has hindered the process from becoming a reality. He highlights the Secure Our Borders First Act that would provide the additional resources that our Border Patrol needs to do their job. “We are going to require independent border security experts who are going to verify the border is secure. This takes border security out of the hands of DHS and out of the hands of politicos.”
When President Trump began his Administration, one of the first actions he made was to address the Department of Homeland Security and express his support for their actions. The President commented on the reality that DHS has had to operate under for far too long. “The Department of Homeland Security has many, many different divisions, but one of the most important missions of DHS is its law enforcement mission. This is a law enforcement agency. But for too long, your offices and agents haven’t been allowed to properly do their jobs.” But, as he continued to point out, this is going to change. ”From here on out, I’m asking all of you to enforce the laws of the United States of America. They will be enforced, and enforced strongly.” He addressed the simple reality that the Rule of Law will be enforced in America without creating new laws. Some may assume that President Trump’s focus is only on the Northern side of the border. But, this is not true. “I want to emphasize that we will be working with our friends in Mexico to improve safety and economic opportunity on both sides of the border. I have deep admiration for the people of Mexico, and I greatly look forward to meeting again with the President of Mexico…We are going to save lives on both sides of the border.”
It is encouraging to know that President Trump is using as many resources as there are available to him to once again establish peace and safety within the borders of America. See the full statements from President Trump about the borders of America, as well as some of his statements as a candidate, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: funding, politics, assets, narcotics, drug cartels, fencing, aviation assets, and The National Guard. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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“We have vetting in our country and Support President Trump to Exercise Extreme Vetting in America” says Advisor to Saudi Arabian Prince
Since President Trump has sworn to protect and defend the United States, he made our borders a high priority by also recently exercising a temporary ban on immigration from individuals from certain countries. While some were immediately opposed to the President’s efforts, it is important to remember that the recent terror attack that just took place in the United Kingdom can easily happen within our borders. This is why our President sees the extreme vetting process as such an urgent priority. When Bret Baier recently spoke with Prince Feisal bin Farin Al Saud, who is an advisor to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they discussed the recent meeting between President Trump and the Crown Prince; and the relationship between America and Saudi Arabia.
Prince Feisal commented on the Crown Prince’s urgency to meet with President Trump regarding Saudi Arabia’s support of America. ”Prince Mohammed was very keen to come meet the president Trump as early as possible to re-emphasize the importance of the relationship between the two countries and you know, to reinvigorate the strategic long-standing partnership that we’ve had between partners and allies for 50 years.” Baier also pointed to President Trump’s comments about creating Safe Zones in Syria and the battle against ISIS. Prince Feisal shared an encouraging response by stating, “I think that we are more than ready to cooperate with the United States on countering ISIS, in Syria, in Iraq, across the region…” He also adds this important factor, “…not just financially, but the Saudi government offered, in the Obama Administration time, to send its troops into Syria to fight ISIS. That was not met with enthusiasm by the Obama Administration. I think that offer remains on the table.” With the understanding of Saudi Arabia willing to fight against ISIS, Baier asks Prince Feisal what his response is to President Trump’s actions of vetting and the limitation of immigration from certain countries. “Look, Saudi Arabia has very stringent standards as to who it allows in its country, so, I think we understand completely where the President is coming from, in that regard.” He continues, “As long as he assures us, and assures the world that it’s not something directed at any one religion, I think it’s far enough for the U.S. to make sure that its security is protected.”
Having a vetting process is normal. Businesses do this. Any normal homeowner would do this to any person standing at their front door. We wouldn’t just let anybody into our home. The actions of the President are in alignment with the original intent of how the Office of the Presidency should be ran, to uphold the safety of our nation and the defense of its borders. We have simply gotten so far away from how it should be carried out that many would perceive normalcy as extreme. Be encouraged as you see the entire dialogue with the Advisor to the Saudi Crown Prince, the importance of upholding the Original Intent of our nation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: border security, Radical Islam, partnership, economic stability, oil prices, Gulf States, terrorism, and government. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

Immigrants! Don’t Vote for What You Fled!
Imagine someone who comes from a country whose corrupt government caused the economy of that nation to crash, flees to America and then supports the very same ideals for government that caused them to flee their homeland in the first place. Gloria Alvarez, who is from Guatemala, asks this intriguing question to immigrants; “Why do you support the same policies in the US that caused you to flee your home country”?
Alvarez connects the dots between big government and corrupted government that limits the economic prosperity and that what causes many people to flee to America is the economic prosperity, “not the free stuff”. She understands what it’s like to have an oppressive government effect the economy. “My home country, like most other nations in Central and South America, is very poor. 54% of the population lives in poverty, and 13% live in extreme poverty. Half of all children under five are chronically malnourished. Crippling government corruption is the norm.”But, what makes America different? Why is it so free? Alvarez continues, “The answer lies first and foremost in the unique American belief in limited government. Why? Because the smaller the government, the less the corruption. And the smaller the government, the more individual freedom and personal responsibility, and given those things, along with hard work and talent, you can accomplish your life’s goals.”
Alvarez challenges the narratives that many have used to combat the ideals of border control when she points out these words; “And of course a nation has an obligation to enforce its borders. Certainly, every country in Central and South America does – in fact, much more so than the US.” She continues to address how many other nations have vast natural resources, but have yet to match the same economic prosperity of America. She brings it all together when she addresses the issue with this vital question; “Do you think by electing politicians who will “fight for the people,” “fight for social justice,” and raise taxes on the “one percent” who are “exploiting” the wealth of the “99 percent” that you will get ahead? In other words, will you support the same policies and vote for the same types of politicians here who made such a mess back home?”
Who better to talk about these important issues than someone who understands both sides of the issue. The reality about opportunity is that it requires effort and costs you. When someone gets the job, they still have to show up each day and work hard. Freedom requires hard work. It requires citizens willing to stand up and fight for the ideals and values that America is built upon. See the full comments from Alvarez as you are reinvigorated in the reality of the freedom in America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: King, prosperity, public office, Original Intent, immigration, and values. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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