WATCH! VP Mike Pence Shares Personal Testimony; and All Around the World we see how the Holy Spirit is Moving; A Great Revival is Coming!

Vice President Mike Pence shares his Testimony at the Church by the Glades
It is so exciting and encouraging to see and hear believers share about their personal story and journey of how they came to find the Lord and receive Jesus Christ as Lord. It is additionally encouraging when leaders share these stories as well. Vice President Mike Pencerecently traveled to Church by the Gladesand spoke of this personal journey.
Pastor David Hughes sat down with the Vice President to have a candid conversation about this story by asking, “how did Jesus hook you?” The Vice President shares about his beginnings in Southern Indiana where he was raised in a church family. But, after choosing to walk away from that in high school, he thought that faith was for “other people”. It wasn’t until he was in college when he started to join a Christian fellowship group called vespers. “I can’t remember why I kept going back.” During the times that he was joining the fellowship, a senior on campus, John, started to talk to him about faith. It was during one of these conversations that he made a decision. “John, I’ve decided that I’m going to be Christian.” Since he was making a new decision, something had to change.

When John would speak to him, John was always wearing a Cross. Pence had decided that since he was going to be Christian now, he needed a Cross for himself. When Pence asked John where he got his Cross from, John said he got it from a catalogue. So, Pence had reminded John numerous times to get him the catalogue so he could get a Cross for himself. It was during one of these exchanges, when Pence was reminding John about the catalogue, that John gave him a response that would forever change Pence’s life. “You know you gotta wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck.”
The Vice President continues to walk through the story, remembering how a few weeks later at a Christian Music Festival in 1978, that decision became more than just a Cross on his neck. “I walked down, not out of anything other than my heart really finally broke with the deep realization that what had happened on the Cross, in some infinitesimal way, had happened for me, and I gave my life and made a personal decision to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior.”
Pastor Hughes changes topics as he begins to comment on the Vice President’s ability to remain respectful and kind during a divided election season. Taking this into consideration, he then asks how the Church can help bring unity where convictions are so polarized? The Vice President expresses his gratitude to be able to serve with the President; ‘he has broad shoulders and a big heart…he’s one of the most considerate people’. Vice President Pence begins to express how it all comes to down to how we treat other people. “It comes down to be willing to fight for what you believe in, but doing your level best to treat others the way you want to be treated.”
The Vice President also shares about the bright future that is still ahead. “As we turn the country around, we will see it prosper again.” He continues to share from his heart. “I truly do believe that, by God’s grace, that the best days for America are yet to come.” As their conversation begins to close, the two stand close together as Pastor Hughes prays for the Vice President in a truly remarkable, and memorable moment.
See the Vice President share his full story as well as the personal encounters when he was presented with the opportunity of being the Vice President, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayers, military, Secret Service, hospitality, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Revival SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES and The Glory of God All Around the WORLD! Jesus Lifted Up!
God is waiting for each and every one of us to reach out and yearn for Him, to touch Him, and to hunger for Him; for His presence; for His heart. God is moving mightily all across the nations of the world and it is a wondrous sight to see the Presence of God impacting those who are hungry for Him. It is important to remember that each of our bodies are able to move through electrical firings through our nerves and muscles that allow our bodies to move. When the Presence of God comes near, we can never fully anticipate how we may react, but we do know that many are being consumed with a hunger for the heart of Jesus Christ.
Andres Bisonni is traveling the Continents sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and that He loves, and He saves. It is such a stirring sight to see how so many are being touched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Revival is taking place all across the world. Powerful miracles are happening in Cartagena, Colombia. As Basani shares about how God desires for us to know who we are as sons and daughters, it is through the Holy Spirit that we are brought into the heart of God. God wants an intimate relationship with us. “He wants for you to close the door of your room and for you to spend time alone with God.” As Basani is sharing this encouraging truth, many are holding their hands high, tears streaming down their faces, and reaching to touch the heart of God. “In Cartagena, Colombia, Jesus Christ is Lord!”
God is not only revealing His heart, but He is touching lives and healing with the power of The Holy Spirit. A woman is completely healed after 13 years of fibromyalgia. “For the first time, I don’t’ have any pain in my body.” When a woman shares about the healing that took place with her lung, she speaks through an interpreter saying, “she literally felt a hand come into her lung, took out her lung, and then placed a new lung inside of her.”
Bisonni is also sharing the powerful message of Jesus Christ in India and many are being touched with the power of God. “When He opens your eyes to see His beauty, to see His goodness, see His kindness, you will turn to Him with all of your heart.” Signs and wonders are taking place as people come weeping to share about how The Holy Spirit has touched their life. “She had numbness in her hands, both her hands, in her fingers, for one year and now she is completely free.” Another woman was having severe back pain that suddenly stopped when she began to feel something moving on her body. “But today, when the prayer was going on, she felt something rolling from her leg all the way up to her top and it was keeping rolling on up and down and now she has no pain at all.” Eyes are being opened. Headaches are being stopped. The power of God is moving mightily upon India as lives are forever being transformed. “In Kottarakkara, India, Jesus Christ is Lord!”
It is not only in far away countries where the Holy Spirit is moving with such conviction and power, but also here in the United States. On the Gulf Coast, in Daphne, Alabama, Bisonni shares the same powerful message of Jesus Christ. “There is something that I’ve seen about Jesus; is that His hand is attached to His heart, and when you touch His heart, He moves His hand.” Bisonni continues, “His hand is not attached to His mind. You can come to Him with theological arguments…but when you touch His heart, when you humble yourself before Him, when you worship Him in spirit and truth, His hand is not shortened that He cannot heal.” Eyes are healed. Back pain is delivered. Addictions are being broken. “In Daphne, Alabama, Jesus Christ is Lord!”
The Holy Spirit is moving mightily in Rosario, Argentina. Bisonni recounts the words of Jesus as he reminds us that the Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside each of us. Speaking about Jesus Christ, Bisonni shares, “I will not only be with twelve people, I will be inside every one of my sons and every one of my daughters through My Spirit”.  Filled with trembling, tears, and laughter, scores and scores of people are consumed with the desperate hunger to have more of God and encounter The Holy Spirit.
After a woman suffered cervical problems from an accident, she was completely healed through the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God is encountering the kingdom of darkness and darkness is fleeing. Bisonni asks one man, “You made a covenant with the devil?” He replies, “A blood covenant.” But, the man continues to share how the Holy Spirit encountered him. “I was burning all over and I felt so free…” With tears in his eyes he continues, “He just embraces you and makes you feel so loved.” Deaf ears are opening. Blind eyes are seeing. “In Rosario, Argentina, Jesus Christ is Lord!”
It was by the Hand of God that the capacity for electricity was created. When God comes close to you, His presence deals with things. Nothing can stand in His presence. When people encounter the powerful presence of God, the question is, is there a hunger for God afterwards? John Ramos had a similar experience the day he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He went to thank Steve Hill for sharing the Gospel during the Brownsville Revival, and shake his hand. With the intention of simply saying thank you and nothing else, Steve Hill gripped his hand and as the words, “MORE LORD” echoed from his mouth, the Power of God instantly radiated through John’s body from head to toe. “I flew, at least like 3 to 4 feet in the air, fell to the ground…and I am shaking uncontrollably like a fish out of water, vibrating on the floor. I could not contain myself.” He continues to share, “It was the most beautiful presence that I have ever felt in my entire life and I began to start crying uncontrollably…I wasn’t hurt. I wasn’t in pain. It was just the most beautiful feeling.”

God is longing to encounter you with the Power of His Presence and the reality of His love even as of this very moment. These are the beginnings waves and fires of revival. It is happening now and it is happening all over the world. Allow the hunger for the presence of God, the desperation of His love to fill your heart as you see the Holy Spirit moving upon others, allow your faith for your healing to rise as you hear testimony after testimony of healings, deliverance, the presence of God’s love, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: revival, Third Great Awakening, Breakthrough Year, Pastor John Kilpatrick, Culture of the Kingdom, and the VFN Internship. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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Revival SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES and The Glory of God All Around the WORLD! Jesus Lifted Up!
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