Awaken the Dawn: America’s Tent of Meeting October 6-9, 2017 I Washington DC – ON the National Mall

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) Awaken the Dawn is coming to Washington D.C. this October 6-9 for a powerful event of worship, praise, and celebration being lifted up to the Lord. There is no better place than the capital of our nation, to come together in unity under the banner of Jesus Christ. David Bradshaw and Rick Pino invite us to this exciting event as they describe it with these words: “We’re gonna mobilize to the National Mall this October…musicians, songwriters, all of you crazy musicianary crew…bring your worship, bring your love.” It’s not about another concert as some may assume. Pino continues, “this is about you enlisting in this worship army!” This event is unlike anything you have ever seen as there will be 50 different tents full of worship. Each tent is designation for one of the 50 states. Pino is calling for 1,000 musicians and worship leaders to make this a reality. SIGN UP TODAY! See the full call to action from Pino and Bradshaw, and so much more. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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