Cindy Jacobs Vision of Draining the Swamp: Hold on it may get Tougher before it gets better

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) As we have seen, since President Trump has taken the Oval Office, he has proved himself in fulfilling the many promises that he voiced during his campaign. In his first Address to the Joint Congress, he expressed that he had begun to do what he said that he would do, ‘drain the swamp’. “We have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by imposing a five-year ban on lobbying by Executive Branch officials…and a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists for a foreign government”. While this statement was responded to with laughter, his actions have not stopped.

While President Trump continues to share how he is fulfilling his promises, Cindy Jacobs, who moves in the prophetic, was recently given a vision from the Lord, revealing more about President Trump’s actions.  Charisma Magazine shares about Jacob’s encounter.
As I was praying for the nation today, I had a vision of a swamp being drained. However, as it was emptying, there were a number of “swamp creatures” that became visible. There were alligators and poisonous snakes, among others.
Suddenly, a big war began over the remaining “swamp water.” The creatures began to turn on each other for territory.
Then, I saw swamp hunters aggressively wade into the mix. The battle was horrific and the hunters suffered injury, but they continued fighting on.
The interpretation of this is that the situation in Washington is going to heat up even more! It is going to get vicious. It will heat up until it will seem difficult to see what is really happening.
I realized this vision was given to me to encourage us, as intercessors for the nation, to have the courage to aggressively fight for righteousness. More things that are hidden are going to come to light. Some of the “swamp creatures” are going to turn on each other.
More exposures are coming. We need to pray for those who are fighting for what is right in Washington. When you see the swamp war getting more vicious, press in deeper in intercession—it is a sign that progress is being made.
Essentially, Jacobs is highlighting that what we are seeing in our government is going to get worse. There are things in our government that are so deeply rooted into America’s soil, that it will take time for them to be completely removed. The “swamp” is not just in “Washington D.C.”, it is in all government; our state governments, and even our local governments. It’s all connected.
How much do we depend on government? What are we willing to lay down our lives for? Are we willing to lay down our lives for those that come after us; or are we simply looking for how the government will provide for us? More exposures are coming. We need to pray that for those in Washington, and all levels of government, that are fighting for the Constitution and all that is right. We are presently experiencing a window of time to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. The greatest harvest of souls is about to come into the Kingdom. It’s time not to waste another moment, but to get busy with the things of the Kingdom. See the full dialogue about what is taking place in Washington, how the Church should respond in this urgent hour, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, government, lobbyists, persecution, artificial intelligence, Elon Musk, spiritual warfare, Communism, Wendy’s commercial, and corruption. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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