WATCH! The Sacrifice of Children is a Thriving Business in Uganda?; 6 Things to be Aware of about Satanic Clubs in America?

Uganda’s Thriving Business; The sacrifice of Children through Witchraft because of Greed- Is there any similarities to the 50 million plus abortions done in America since Roe v. Wade?
It is a saddening and horrific reality when we look at the 50+Million children that have been sacrificed at the hands of abortion since the 1973 passing of Roe v. Wade. But, this is not only happening in other countries, it is considered a “thriving business”. CBN’s George Thomas reveals the startling reality from the Uganda streets of Kampala. His reporting follows authorities and a pastor that are on the hunt for a local witch doctor, “accused of kidnapping and killing children”.
Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga reveals what the motive is for these witch doctors. “Witch doctors believe that when you kidnap a child, you get wealth, you get protection.”He continues to describe the horrifying picture of what witch doctors do once they get a child. “When they get a child, most times they, uh, cut the neck, they take the blood out, they cut the genitals, or any of the organs that the spirits want. In a sense, it involves the child dying.”
One mother shares the consuming grief and shock when she realizes that her three year old son, Clive, was kidnapped while playing in their backyard. As detectives continued investigating the case, the man who kidnapped Clive was “a wealthy businessman who hired two men to kidnap and mutilate Clive’s body.” His reasoning? He was hoping for prosperity in a business project. Mike Chibita, Uganda’s top law enforcement official, equivalent to the American Attorney General, says, “superstition and the desire to get rich quick contribute to high child sacrifice rates in his country.”
As horrifying as these realities are that are taking place in Uganda, we cannot separate ourselves. This is exactly what is happening in America as well. Children are being sacrificed at the hands of abortion for wealth, for one’s personal ‘career’, and many other prosperous opportunities. The reason why someone would take the life of their child is that they don’t want to spread their wealth. We are becoming childless by choice. In their eyes, it simply costs too much money to have children. It is no different than a witch doctor in Uganda. See the full report from George Thomas, how we are seeing the same realities in America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: David Daleiden, witchcraft, castration, medical care, abortion, and spiritual warfare. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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“Satan Clubs”  in Public Schools Targeting Christian Clubs and their removal 
As President Donald Trump has been in the Oval Office since January, many have expressed their thoughts on his leadership and presence in the White House. It is important that we do not take lightly what is being expressed as people are openly speaking out, wanting to bind our President. Don’t wink at this. CBN News reports how a group of individuals are doing more than simply dressing up as witches.
“A group of women dressed as witches gathered in a California park recently… Their mission? To cast a hex that will force President Donald Trump from office. They chanted, Trump is a fool, Trump is a clown, we are here to shut him down,” as they marched with broomsticks around a cauldron.” The report further continues, “Followers of the occult have been casting spells on President Trump since February, and they’re vowing to continue the practice on every crescent moon. The witches shocked many people by publicly launching a campaign to #BindTrump on social media…”
The report also brings attention to how some of these “chantings” are focused at coming against the “Cyrus prophecy” as was described in length by Lance Wallnau. If those walking in darkness recognize the significance of this prophetic word, then the Church should also recognize it as well. Multiple different sources have described President Donald Trump as ‘a wrecking ball’, or a “bulldozer”, while Washington D.C. has also been described as a House of Cards.
We have to actually participate and pray. We must pray for our President and those in leadership. We cannot sit idly by simply because one individual in the White House. We must also pray for the salvation of those who are held captive in witchcraft. This is nothing more than seeking to achieve a desired set of results through the flesh. We must recognize how so many are overcome with fear at a certain outcome of events. Just like how God moved with King Cyrus, God moved in this Presidency as well.
See the full report of what is taking place regarding this witchcraft, how people are relying on ‘hexes’, how the Church must pray for the President, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: spiritual warfare, Holy Spirit, demonic, the occult, Patricia King, Israel, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Prophecy: The Seat of Evil will come Down The Seat of the Righteous will Rise; Elijah vs Jezebel and her Prophets
Some may not be aware of how our schools are effecting our children, but it is being taken to a new level at the recent addition of Satan Club to specific schools. This isn’t simply being talked about, these Clubsare already being added in School Districts. It is also being reported that at the end of the Obama Administration, the ‘After School Satan Club’ was granted ‘tax-exempt’ status from the IRS after only ten days. Reportedly, these Clubs are only applying applications to those specific schools that have Good News Clubs. It seems as if this is a comparable battle likened to Elijah and Jezebel.
Jordan Lorence, with Alliance Defefending Freedom points out 6 things to know about these Satan Clubs. In an interview with CBN News, he describes, “The group does not believe in satan, it’s an atheist group that does not believe in supernatural anything. What they’re trying to do is eliminate the Christian ‘Good News Clubs’ from the public schools by scaring parents, scaring school officials, by talking about satan and getting them to close the schools to every after school club.” He further elaborates on these satan clubs that they are not about ‘drinking goat’s blood…’, but, “teach kids that science answers all questions that there is no God.” Essentially, as Lorence describes, their ultimate motive is to remove all groups and freedom of speech from these schools. As we look at these events, we have to recognize that we are being brought to a place of decision. Who is your God? Who are you serving?
The same sequence of events transpired between Elijah and Jezebel. Before Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, the people were under the evil leadership of Ahab and Jezebel. Through their leadership, the people of God were misled. But, God was about to change all of this. God brought everyone to a high place where they had to choose. Do you worship Baal, or do you worship God? Jezebel had prophets but they were all full of lies. Presently, we are seeing the systems of Jezebel crashing down. If someone doesn’t understand this confrontation, they are being consumed in the increasing strategies of Jezebel, not realizing that Jezebel is being brought down, along with every one of her false prophets.
Ahab and Jezebel were the heads of an evil leadership; it was corrupt government. The first thing that had to be done was to drain the swamp. The evil judges that were in place had to be removed. You’re looking at Jezebel realizing that this thing is about to end. God used Elijah to confront the leadership of Jezebel’s false prophets, and He also anointing Jehu to take down Jezebel. When Jehu was moments away from destroying Jezebel, she was putting on her makeup, trying to make one last seductive strategy to advance her leadership. Today’s culture is so seductive.

Understand this, we have got to stay with God while so much is being cranked up. We must believe the words that God is revealing through the spirit of Elijah. When you stand up for truth, you’re not going to have many people in your corner. Don’t surprised when things increase and get rough, simply hold on to the Word of the Lord in faith and respond to what God is telling YOU to do in these critical times. Be encouraged and lifted up as you see how the events within today’s leadership are comparable to the tearing down of the corrupted government during the time of King Ahab and Jezebel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Mount Carmel, satanic clubs, spiritual warfare, seduction, hypocrits, Obama Administration, baal worship, asherah, seat of evil, seat of righteous, sacrifice, law enforcement, military, deliverance, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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“Satan Clubs” in Public Schools Targeting Christian Clubs and their removal
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