WATCH! Celebrating 5 Years of VFNtv; Greg Laurie talks about End Time Prophecy; and the Hand of God in the Heavenlies

Pastor Greg Laurie; End Times and North Korea
As so many things are happening in continual headlines throughout the world, many people are wondering and asking where we are on the prophetic time table of Biblical Times. As more and more attention is turning to North Korea, some are asking if North Korea is in in the Bible. North Korea is not mentioned in Scripture, but Iran is.    Reportedly, as soon as North Korea gets the ability to produce a nuclear weapon, Iran will have one the next day with a simple stroke of a pen by filling out a check. As President Trump is preparing to be in Jerusalem this month, the same month that Israel celebrates “Jerusalem Day”, talks are happening of a potential move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.  Since this is a Jubilee Year, this would surely be a Jubilee Year event. At the same time, the potential of war is rising and bubbling all around the world. To highlight how urgent the reality of a possible war with North Korea is, Pastor Greg Laurie, not known to speak about such topics of the End Times, recently posted his thoughts of this issue on his Facebook page.
“As you know, this conflict with this rogue nation has escalated dramatically in recent days and even hours.”As we see multiple threats that Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s leader, is expressing, we can see how volatile this situation is. Pastor Laurie begins to talk about the concerns of America not being present in the last days “because we’ve been in some kind of a nuclear conflict.” But, he addresses what we need to do in this hour. “We need to pray for our president right now, and please, don’t tell me ‘well he’s not my president. I didn’t vote for him.’ He’s the president of the United States. Pray for him.”  1 Timothy 2:1-2 even highlights how we must do this.
As Pastor Laurie recently had the opportunity of being invited to the White House for the National Day of Prayer, he is also gathering with other leaders to continue to pray with the President. He points out what we, as Christians, need to be focusing our prayers on in this vital hour. “We need to be focusing on prayer and on preaching. In fact, this verse really spells it out. I already read that we’re to pray for our president, but then it goes on to say for God desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Then it goes on to say for there’s one God, and one mediator between God and man, and its’s a man Christ Jesus who gave Himself as a ransom for all.” This is the message that all of the world needs to hear in this hour, and during every hour; Jesus Christ is Lord and that He died for the sins of all mankind.
Join with Pastor Laurieand Christians all throughout the nation that are praying for our president, as well as wisdom that is needed for how to respond in this moment in history. See the full statements from Greg Laurie as well as the potential reach that North Korea has with the capabilities of a nuclear weapon, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Obama Administration, nuclear war, Washington D.C., Jerusalem, Israel, and Radical Islam. Greg and John shared in this segment.
VFNtv Celebrates 5 Years of Broadcasting
May is a moment of celebration for many people for many different reasons. But, for all of us at VFNtv, it is a time to remember the moment that God called us to broadcast on air. This May we celebrate five years! We didn’t know anything about what to do when God called us out. But, by listening to His voice and following His voice, here we are amazed at all the Lord has done.
It was also through the leading of the Lord that we started a 24-hour prayer watch, with 8 three hour watches, every Monday. Since 2009, we have been faithfully carrying out this 24-hour offering to the Lord. It was during these watches that the Lord spoke to Greg to begin VFNtv. Within seven days of that initial word from the Lord, God had provided not only the wisdom on how to make this a reality, but also the needed finances to begin. As birth has a time of walking things out, the first program was 120 mins of a single breath and the exhale didn’t appear to finally be released until about halfway through the program. Greg and Pat had their own humorous interactions in those beginning days. Now five years later, God has matured us from radio, and now to television where we are on the Gulf Coast with WHBR and CTN broadcasting to over 1.4 million people.
Since God has called us out to begin VFNtv, He has also given us the wisdom to create the VFNTorch. There is only so much that you can see and hear watching television, or listening to on an audio broadcast. The VFNTorch connects all the dots of past discussions with Related Articles as well as current resources with Related Content. To date, there are now over 6,000 individual posts on the VFNTorch that give a depth of resources and connected conversations that give our audiences a depth of information to research even further on many of the topics that we discuss. Everything that we are saying and discussed is backed up with sources and references so that you can be educated and informed about what you are sharing with others.
When others would be simply repeating a statement or a quote, you can actually be educated and knowledgeable with what you’re speaking about because you know the source. This is also why we have the “Connect the Dots” Segments on VFNtv. Many of the topics that we are discussing, the Lord has been speaking and revealing to us for many years. If another source is simply talking about the news of today, you can see the continual story that has led up to what we are now seeing in the world and understand how we got here. Secular media is missing the DNA of the story.
God has also given us the wisdom to launch the VFNtv App. You can download it for free on the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Windows App. Similar to when VFNtv was birthed, the app was birthed during a prayer watch. When Greg was on watch, he suddenly found himself sitting at his desk, looking at an app that was created in Tel-Aviv Israel. There are literally no limitations when it comes to VFNtv.
We have also created the Torch Newsletter that is sent out electronically, via email, every week. The Torch Newsletter captures the best of the best of what was covered in the VFNTorch every week. Images, Descriptions, and Audios are all brought together in one clear and simple email. All of this content is gathered each and every day for you, and we do all that we can to provide it on a myriad of platforms so that you can view it in a way that works best for you.
There is so much information in our culture that we should be careful what we are listening and paying attention to. It is one thing to have information and it is another to have wisdom. In all that we share, we seek to share information that lines up Biblically with practical applications so that you have wisdom for the times we are living in. So many profess to know information, but very few have wisdom. As an example, those that are becoming citizens of the America know more about the nation than citizens born in America know. Which is why we had The U.S. Citizenship Test on VFNtv. You can listen to this humorous, yet insightful series of broadcasts and learn from our own humiliation as we learn out loud and take the test that every individual applying for citizenship in America must take.
God has continually expanded our wings as we have grown in the realm of Social Media with our Facebook page. Over 100,000 people have connected with us on Facebook. We are also excited about our new Twitter page that we have begun. Our most recent addition, is our YouTube page that was launched just over a month ago. It is so exciting to see all that the Lord has spoken to us about and given us the wisdom, and most importantly, the needed grace to walk out in order to encourage those that we are reaching. See the full conversation about what God has done in the last five years, as well as additional prophetic words about what He has called us to do, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Hand of God Appears in the Sky as Pastors Gather in Repentance?
Sometimes looking back brings an abundance of encouragement during very stressful times and seasons. Under the previous administration, God was revealing warning after warning of things that were on the horizon. As we have witnessed, God suddenly released mercy. As we have sought to continually share the accurate Word of God in all that we do, God had revealed to us His own thoughts of what had been shared in pulpits across America. God was upset with what was being spoken from the pulpits in America.
During one particular boardroom meeting, God led a prophetic man to prophesy that the Lord was angry with the Church in regard to what was being said. God showed one man a stack of podiums, stacked up like a pyramid. Suddenly the hand of God came and shoved it all violently to the ground. It wasn’t about the physical podium itself, but what was being said from behind the podiums.
Suddenly, a minister contacts Greg Lancaster and shares that he has a podium that he would like to give to him. This man begins to share his heart that he has been able to win more people to the Lord in his workplace than all the times he preached standing behind a podium. He wanted to get back to the simplicity of winning souls to the Lord. With the prophetic word of God’s take on these podiums fresh in Greg’s memory as straightforward and blunt as could be, he told this man, “If you give it to me, I’m going to burn it!” The man was so excited to hear what Greg was going to do. “THIS IS GOD! I FEEL GOD!”
Only a few days later, leaders from around the nation gathered together and repented for the many religious words and false teachings that had been shared behind the pulpits across America. We asked the Lord to forgive us for what had been done and said to His Church. The Fear of the Lord was so tangible during this moment as the podium was turned to ashes as it was engulfed in flames. As the podium was burning, The Hand of God appeared in the sky. This is what was taking place in the heavenlies as prayers of repentance were being lifted up. God not only knows all things, but He is also everywhere at the same time.

See the full story of what took place in this encouraging moment, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Tommy Tenney, Steve Hill, God Chasers, Spiritual Avalanche, false teachings, atheism, megachurches, ABC News, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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VFNtv Celebrates 5 Years of Broadcasting
Israel Celebrate 50 Year Anniversary of Six Day War and the Re-Unification of Israel

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