Driverless Cars, Artificial Intelligence: Race to Super intelligence or Civilization ending?

It is always an encouraging an uplifting moment when the world gets to listen to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu speak. When he recently spoke at the 2017 Annual AIPAC event, he shared about Israel’s presence throughout the world in a multitude of different industries. One of these specific industries he shared about was technology. “Last week, Intel Corporation bought an Israeli company, MobilEye. This is a company that produces driverless car technology.” He continues to share how IBM responded to MobilEye after the purchase. “Intel not only paid this Israeli company $15 Billion, it also did something else…it said, you MobileEye…you manage and direct all our driverless car companies around the world.”  People may not be paying much attention to the technology that is all around them, but only a few years ago, much of the technology that make up our daily lives, didn’t even exist.
Co-Founder, President and CEO of MobilEye, Mr. Ziv Aviram takes us for a demonstrationin his driverless car which has been driving him to and from work for the past two years. As he begins to introduce how the technology works, you may notice that his hands don’t touch the steering wheel at all. He then picks up a few members of his creative team and asks for their input. As the car weaves through urban areas and highway traffic, Aviram nonchalantly turns all the way around to the back seat to continue the conversation with his co-workers, while paying no attention to the road. His demonstration was quite clear. The car was definitely driving itself. It’s hard to deny the reality of it.
As Aviram boldly declares, “The autonomous revolution has already begun.” When speaking about the future of autonomous driving at YPO Edge 2017, Aviram shares, “So as you can see, the autonomous vehicle is not something futuristic. It is something that will happen very soon in our lifetime.” Who doesn’t like technology? Technology is all around us. But, MobilEye is not the only company seeking to make this technology a reality. According to Business Insider, “Ford is aiming to have its fully autonomous car ready in four to five years.”
It’s important to take a step back and look at the full picture of this technology. The only reason this technology is possible is because of the amount of information that is constantly being gathered on everyone at the same time. It is the “Internet of Things”. Have you ever looked for an item online and just about every web page you view for the next few days now has ads of that item you just looked at? How does the company know what ad to put up? It is all based on the information that you provide. Each day we are inching one step closer and closer to the Beast Economy as described in Revelation 13.
What we are seeing taking shape in our reality rings similar to what Daniel wrote about in Daniel 12:4, “…Many will go here and there to increase knowledge”. ‘Here and there’ reveals how men will be consumed with anxiety because of the times they are in. At what point do we choose to say that we do not want to be part of technology?  Some people say that they refuse to put their information online. But, then they call someone and give their information. What they don’t know is that the person on the other end of the phone is entering their information into a database, on a computer.
In the increase of all of this technology, Elon Musk has expressed his own concerns about these advancements. He is currently funding and researching the colonization of Mars as a survival plan from mankind being destroyed by AI, Artificial Intelligence. As Musk shares; “We’re headed towards either superintelligence or civilization ending.” Musk, a well-known name in the technologyarenais also a familiar face in the Burning Man events, says“..Burning Man, which is Silicon Valley”.
Glenn Beckspoke on the interesting take on Elon Musk’s response to the concern of AI, Artificial Intelligence. Beck comments on a recent conversation between Musk and Demis Hassasbis, a co-Founder of DeepMind. Both of these men, Musk and Hassasbis, believe that they are working on the most important project for mankind. Hassabis is seeking to pioneer artificial superintelligence while Musk is seeking to colonize Mars in order to save mankind from the dangers of this artificial super intelligence. Beckquotes Musk, “No, the reason why I’m going to Mars, is to make sure there’s a human outpost because you’re going to get us all killed.” As Beck points out, “as crazy as that sounds, these conversations are happening and they’re happening a lot in Silicon Valley”.
One of the additional concerns that Elon Musk has about AI, is the moral issue. What are the morals of this intelligence? The question that we have to ask ourselves; is where do morals come from? Without God, there are no morals. The individuals in the tech industry are realizing that we need morals. It is times such as this that require wisdom. It is better to know two things and be wise than know a lot of information and not be wise.

See the full conversation and context of the technology of driverless cars, how Elon Musk is responding to the advancements of artificial intelligence, how a handful on people in Silicon Valley are impacting billions of people all around the world, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Burning Man, technology, Beast Economy, Bill Gates, Google, Space X, cure to cancer, Silicon Valley, driverless cars, technology, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and MobilEye. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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