Greg Laurie Gives us a Behind the Scenes look of the White House at The National Day of Prayer

It is so exciting to see how President Trump is demonstrating the White House as the People’s House once again and inviting others to see the history within its halls. Pastor Greg Laurie was one of those who was recently able to visit the White House and have a personalized tour from President Trump.
As he talks to his congregation, he narrates his trip with a gallery of pictures that he took. As he shares, it was not just himself who visited the White House, but 40 who make up the Faith Advisory Board. As Laurie shares, “have the privilege of serving and being able to pray for and offer advice to the President, the Administration.” This entire event took place after Laurie received an invitation about a week before the National Day of Prayer. In his own words, Laurie points out, “The National Day of Prayer has not been observed in the White House for eight years…President Obama did issue a decree, telling Americans to observe it, but there was nothing in the White House. There was before, but there wasn’t for eight years, and it is back in the White House again.”
While Laurie was present for the National Day of Prayer, moments later he received another invitation. This time it was to have dinner with the President. Laurie describes the play-by-play of what took place, who he sat with, who was singing, even what was for dinner. As the event was winding down, he was shocked to find out that the President had a surprise for everyone when he stood up to ask, “Okay, would any of you like to go see the Lincoln Bedroom?” After being astonished at the paintings and items that he saw throughout the White House, he shared how the President was taking selfies with people on the Truman Balcony. As many others would be thinking at a time like this, Laurie explains his response, “I mean, this was like crazy!”
This is such an exciting moment. The White House is once again the People’s House. It’s been such a long time since normal has been displayed. There is new leadership in place! This is a new season. Be encouraged as you see the full story from Greg Laurie as well as prophetic words about these seasons for our nation’s government, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Pastor Greg Laurie, White House, Trump Administration, The President’s Own, Rence Priebus, Franklin Graham, The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln, James Dobson, and Stephen Curtis Chapman. Greg and John shared in this segment. Izzotti



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