How to Solve the Middle East Conflict? VFNtv Unofficial Israeli Field Reporter Interviews in Jerusalem

It’s one thing to have a perspective about Israel from so many differing parts of the world, but what about those in Israel. VFNtv’s Unofficial Field Reporter, Hananya Naftali, walks through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem and asks people their perspective on the relationship between Jews and Muslims, and how to solve the Middle-East Conflict. At first, he receives simple answers; NO! But, as he asks more pointed questions, the answers he receives is quite revealing. “How can Jews and Palestinians can live peacefully together?” “In my opinion, they can’t.” When Naftali presses further, the young man he is interviewing continues, “They hate Jews”.
As he continues his quest for answers, he asks another man, “Jews and Arabs could live like brothers?” The man dismissingly shakes his head and says, “This could be no. Because they have in their heart, they have hate for the, they don’t have clean heart.” Naftali asks for clarity in who this man is referring to. “Jews or Arabs?” The man responds, “Jew”. Realizing that he should provide additional information, Naftali shows a Muslim man a video of a young Muslim girl calling for the Palestinian youth in the West Bank to “STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB!”. His answer is quite surprising.

Naftali continues his quest to understand the sides of this conflict as he interviews more and more people. He also comments about his own video by sharing, “I did not give them a stage…because I want to promote their opinions. I gave them a stage because I want you to see how many of them are brainwashed…” Some consider these comments and views absolutely outlandish and unthinkable while others see Israel in this similar way. See the full interviews from Naftali, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: The Middle East Conflict, Jews and Palestinians, Hananya Naftali, Jerusalem, The Muslim Quarter, and Jerusalem. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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