President Trump has Historic Video Call with U.S. Female Astronaut who Broke the Record for Time in Space

If our President, President Donald Trump were not busy enough already, he recently took the time to have a video conference call with a few individuals that are outside the normal calling range: outer space. More specifically, the International Space Station. On the heels of the recent Executive Order that provides additional funding to NASA, President Trump spoke with astronauts about the amazing journey from Earth to Space, as well as the unbelievable feat that has recently been accomplished in space.
Reaching outside the limits of ever wi-fi tower imaginable, President Trump speaks with two astronauts from his Presidential Desk, “Station this is your President. Do you hear me?” In a matter of seconds, they respond from space. “Yes sir. We have you loud and clear”. Quite an astonishing feat to simply recognize how far we have come. In his customary words of optimism and encouragement, the President begins to share how exciting it is to talk with these amazing Americans. “I want to say it’s very exciting to be here today very, very exciting — and to speak to you live with three brave American astronauts. These are our finest. These are great, great Americans, great people. Two join us from orbit aboard the International Space Station: Commander Peggy Whitson and Colonel Jack Fischer.” If becoming an astronaut isn’t already an achievement in itself, Commander Whitson is the first astronaut to achieve this amazing feat: “The Most Total Time in Space”. At the time of the conference call with the President, she has spent 534 days in space and is still counting.
As the President asks what we are learning in space, Commander Whitson talks about the strategic part the International Space Station plays in their research as well as how it serves in the role of further discoveries. “Well, I think probably the International Space Station is providing a key bridge from us living on Earth to going somewhere into deep space.” A generation before us was focused on the vision of reaching the Moon. Today, it is Mars. Commander Whitson continues, “So on those Mars missions, we need to better understand how microgravity is really affecting our body, and we need to understand it in great detail. So, many of the studies are looking at the human body. We’re also looking at things that involve operations of a space vehicles on these long-duration missions and the technological advancements that will be required.” She continues to discuss how the usage of air and water are critical in these environments and what is being done to optimize them for a successful mission.
As the conversation transitions from Commander Whitson to Colonel Fischer, all eyes are focused on the man who is literally hanging from the wall. Colonel Fischer talks about his trip of being launched into space by comparing it to his “F-22” that he has previously flown. As the sheer power and force of being launched into space is not overwhelming enough, Colonel Fischer says, “Oh, sir, it was awesome. It made even my beloved F-22 feel a little bit underpowered.” After arriving at the International Space Station six hours later, he worked alongside his Russian friend, ‘Fyodor Yurchikhin, from Kazakhstan’. Moments later, a Frenchman is working a robotic arm carrying three and a half tons of cargo. “The International Space Station is, by far, the best example of international cooperation and what we can do when we work together in the history of humanity. And I am so proud to be a part of it. And it’s just cool.”

It is exciting to see the hopeful messages and response from the President about the explorations and possibilities that have yet to be realized as we reach further into God’s Creation. See the full dialogue between President Trump, the astronauts on the International Space Station, the coming Missions to Mars, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: NASA, The White House, technology, space exploration, deep space, fighter jets, science, Houston, Mission Control, astronauts, and innovation. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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