President Trump’s First 100 Days!

Looking at all that has been taking place in America since President Trump has begun his new role in the White House, it is amazing to realize that he has only been President for 100 days. He is just getting started. Executive orders, meeting with business leaders, meeting with educational leaders, market responses, multiple speeches, and a Supreme Court Nomination make up this first 100 days in office. With a little more than a week in office, heads were turning at the amount of impact and action that President Trump was doing. ”The pace over the past ten days has been astronomical. Everybody in official Washington that I talk to, said ‘I cannot believe he’s only been President for ten days’”, said Joe Scarborough. As America has an economy based on confidence, the activity in this first quarter, as said by a reporter really tells it all. “The DOW, still nearing all-time-highs, is finishing the longest quarterly winning streak in ten years.” While speaking to Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs said these words, “Well he’s pretty close to perfect Sean…He has done more than any President in the last, in recent history, in the last half century in the first 98 days of his Presidency.”

This is so exciting to see so much action and promises during his campaign trail become a reality. This is the beginning of the shift that the Lord has revealed to many regarding Washington D.C. People who were satisfied with the previous status quo: the aborting of babies, befriending the enemies of Israel, are not happy with what is taking place. But, for those who are Pro-American, Pro-Constitution, and Pro-Israel, they are very happy right now. There are always going to be differences of opinion when leadership changes. See the full overview of what has taken place in these first 100 days, the President’s uplifting words during his speech to a joint session of Congress, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: union leaders, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Nomination, The Trump Effect, NASDAQ, NYSE, New York Stock Exchange, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran Nuclear Deal, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 
screen capture from White House


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