What Palestinians don’t want you to know from VFNtv Unofficial Israeli Field Reporter

As the world watches the conflicts between Palestinians and Israeli grow increasingly more volatile, those who have never been to Israel are subject to what the media says about these realities. Whatever someone’s perspective on these issues, is it based on fact, or simply through hear-say? What about those who live in Israel? Do they have a different perspective?  Hananya Naftali lives in Israel, is a soldier in the IDF and shares many truths that Palestinians don’t want others to know. Before Naftali begins to share, he starts off with two facts: “One, I believe in peace; two, as a Jewish Israeli, and a soldier, I love Palestinians.”
Naftali begins to share about a recent terrorist attack resulting in the death of a young Jewish girl. “The Palestinian Authority didn’t bother to condemn the attack. The opposite is true. Hebron’s governor went to the terrorists to comfort them.” Naftali continues, “Plus, did you know that the Palestinian Authority actually give money to terror families; and the more you hurt Israel, the more money you get? And this is how they encourage terrorism.” He continues to share how the young generation of Palestinians are being raised in a culture of hatred and violence towards the Jews. “I think it’s sad that the new Palestinian generation doesn’t even have the option to choose peace.”
As Palestinians are raised to hate Jews and encouraged to wage knife attacks, they are also recruited by Hamas at very young ages and sent to war. Naftali shares the realities of what many media sources share; “Because if the IDF will kill them, then they will blame the IDF for killing innocent kids.” He also asks a pointed question to the millions of dollars of international aid that is being sent to the Gaza Strip. Where is all that money going to? You may be surprised as to how that money is being spent. It’s important to recognize that Israelis are not taught these ways. It is quite the opposite. Naftali explains; “Most Israelis don’t hate [Palestinians] like people say, and also the IDF is teaching its soldiers to treat Palestinians respectfully, regardless their region, religion, or any other aspect.”

This is such an important perspective to take into consideration anytime we see a news broadcast or conversation taking place about Israel and the Palestinians. Share the full story of what is taking place in the region: both sides. Be informed as you see the full explanation from Naftali, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Hamas, terrorism, land of Israel, Gaza Strip, terror tunnels, schools, education, and Israeli Defense Forces. Greg shared in this segment. 

screen capture from youtube.com/Hananya Naftali


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