WATCH! 2017 is the Breakthrough Year! President Trump in the Infrastructure Summit, Workforce Development, and Air Traffic Control Modernization

2017 Breakthrough Year!  President Trump Leading the way: Infrastructure Summit, Workforce Development and Air Traffic Control Modernization

This is the breakthrough year! It is so exciting to see prophecy come to pass. As the Trump Administration continues to make more and more changes in Washington D.C., we are seeing continual breakthroughs in many different industries across the nation. President Trump has gathered mayors, governors, and tribal leaders for an Infrastructure Summit. He traveled to Wisconsin for a Workforce Development Roundtable. Vice President Mike Pence sat down with women entrepreneurs to listen to the damaging effects of Obamacare on their businesses; and President Trump has announced the Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative. This truly is the BREAKTHROUGH YEAR!
As President Trump held an Infrastructure Summit at the White House. He invited mayors, governors, as well as tribal leaders to find out what needs to be done to solve the many problems of America’s infrastructure. As the President shares, “Today, we’re here to talk about how we will create the infrastructure of the future, by partnering with the states and local governments.” The President understands that it is these men and women local leaders that knows best what needs to be updated throughout our nation. President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan has multiple areas of focus: “lower the average permit time, from 10 years to 2 years and unleash Private Sector capital & expertise to rebuild our cities and states” as well as other key points. 
The President is not simply calling for change in all areas of the nation from Washington D.C., he is personally visiting specific areas where he is expecting these changes to be implemented. He traveled to Wisconsin to meet with Governor Scott Walker and industry workers for a Workforce Development Roundtable
What is additionally encouraging is that the Trump Administration is not simply calling for change, but are deeply interested in how the existing laws, from the previous administration, are affecting America’s citizens. Vice President Pence sat down with Women Entrepreneurs to find out how Obamacare was affecting their businesses, with double digit increases in costs for their benefits. As Vice President Pence talks with Kelly Moore, owner of Eastern Ohio’s GKM Auto Parts, she shares in detail how, due to the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, she was no longer able to provide insurance benefits to her employees.
“It was gut-wrenching to tell them that I was ending their benefit of insurance. And they are decent people who work hard for us, and we appreciate their good talents.”
This didn’t happen overnight. Moore did all she could to think creatively so that benefits were still an option before the inevitable became reality, cutting benefits all together. “We did try by splitting the premium maybe 20 at the beginning; 70-30, 60-40. We also dropped spousal coverage. We’ve made efforts to make it affordable, but they no longer have the premiums or the deductibles that they could afford with the amount that they were paying.” Moore’s experience isn’t unique, as Vice President Pence noticed the empathetic nodding from other business owners as Moore shared her story.
Amy Pope-Wells, owner of Link Staffing Services in Jacksonville, Florida, shared a similar story, and how mandates from Obamacare were directly affecting her business. “We had clients, which I never even envisioned being a problem, who refused to start doing business with us because under the regulation we were required to list ACA charges on our invoices.” She continued to elaborate on why the customers were against it. “And those clients said, we did not vote for it. We did not want it. We do not appreciate it.” She also shared how the changes effects of Obamacare caused her to get into the benefits industry in order to understand how it was affecting her employees. But then the quagmire of the rules and regulations started, “We found ourselves having to spend – everybody in our office spending time on benefits management, medical procedures being denied, people not understanding the rules or the processes. We got into the insurance business. We physically had to learn how to educate and support our team, and we’re not in the insurance business.” There is an urgent need to remove and replace Obamacare. It’s not true what is being said about the Affordable Care Act, that it meets the needs of Americans. We can see clearly from these two testimonies that it is anything but that.
President Trump has also recognized the dire need for change and reform to come to the airline industry. As many traveling Americans can understand, wait times in airports and delayed arrivals have become normal. Those within the Air Traffic Control community, and pilots themselves also understand the need for change. As President Trump recently announced the Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative, there are many areas that are being transformed in this industry. As the President calls for fewer wait times, and flights that arrive on time, he describes how this will happen.
“Since the early days of commercial air service, the federal government has owned and operated the United States air traffic control system. Yet, more than a half a century later, the government is still using much of the exact same outdated technology.” The GPS’s that have become commonplace in our cellphones, are not even in the planes that we travel on. The President continues to elaborate; “…our air traffic control system still runs on radar and ground-based radio systems that they don’t even make anymore, they can’t even fix anymore, and many controllers must use slips of paper to track our thousands and thousands of planes that are up in the air.”
What is additionally shocking is the lack of updates within the technology of our airports compared to the overwhelming increase of air travel since it was first announced. “Our air traffic control system was designed when roughly 100,000 people flew at our airports each year. We are now approaching nearly one billion passengers annually.” No longer will the FAA be over each of these areas, but will be overseen by private non-profits so that the FAA can focus solely upon safety.
It is encouraging to see our leadership taking the interactive and involved role and making so many changes that are needed in our nation. See the full story to see what has taken place regarding our infrastructure, with Wisconsin workers, with Women Entrepreneurs, our Air Traffic Control system, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: labor, technology, unions, Obamacare, The Affordable Care Act, Governor Scott Walker, Vice President Mike Pence, insurance benefits, Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Association, Air Traffic Control, Federal Aviation Administration, and reform. Greg shared in this segment.

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President Trump Delivers on Campaign Promise to Evangelicals: Remarks at Faith and Freedom Coalition

President Trump is not only taking bold actions in the areas of the workforce and multiple industries to better the American worker, he is also standing up for people of faith and our Constitutional rights. When the President recently spoke with the Faith and Freedom Coalition, he shared more about what his plans are.
As he begins with encouraging words, he shares this uplifting promise: “We will always support our Evangelical community and defend your right, and the right of all Americans, to follow and to live by the teachings of their faith. And as you know, we’re under siege. You understand that, but we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever.” It is so vital that we are not only able to follow the teachings of the Bible, but also share these teachings with others, as Jesus called us to do. The President’s promise to protect these rights is embodied in the First Amendment of the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
As the President elaborates, he wants to make clear that no one is left behind or forgotten under his leadership. “We are going to battle for every American who has lost a job, for every family who has lost a loved one, for every American of faith who has lost their rights and lost their freedom. The forgotten men and women will never, ever be forgotten again.” It is those that cannot speak for themselves that we must speak out for. It is the very words of Isaiah 1:17 that the President recites. “Learn to do right. Seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless. Plead the case of the widow.” The President continues to underscore the importance of these Biblical truths. “Because as the Bible tells us, we know that the truth will prevail, that God’s glorious wisdom will shine through, and that the good and decent people of this country will get the change they voted for and that they so richly deserve.”
The President’s calls for change have created tremendous results in multiple areas of the nation. Notably, is America’s Southern border and the decrease of illegal immigration since his Administration has taken office. “We’ve achieved a record reduction in illegal immigration. Did you see at the southern border, 75%!” He’s keeping the illegal immigrants out while also eradicating those within our borders that want to do harm to our nation. “General Kelly is doing a great job, and we are protecting our families, schools, and cities by removing the gang members. MS-13. We are spreading them out, the drug dealers and criminals from our country and cracking down on the sanctuary cities that protect them.”
In addition to the sweeping changes that are taking place within America, President Trump’s decisions on the international stage are making waves. He pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord, and elaborated on how America would lead the way in environmental change. “America will continue to lead the world on environmental protection. We’re going to have clean water, crystal clean.” The President continues, “We’re going to have clean air, but what we won’t do is let other countries take advantage of the United States anymore and dictate what we are doing and dictate our future.”
This is a huge mercy move from God! While many voices have criticized the President’s decision to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Accord, it is important that we look at one simple book, Rules for Radicals, written by Saul Alinsky. This is a book that highlights different tactics to organize a people group and it has been these tactics that have been used to try and organize the world.
On the back cover of this book, it is dedicated to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. On the inside cover of this book, it is dedicated to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom. – Lucifer.” One of the tactics elaborated in this book is how to organize a people around pollution. “Once you organize people around something as commonly agreed upon as POLLUTION, then an organized people is on the move. From there it’s a short and natural step to political pollution, to Pentagon pollution.” It is one thing to be concerned about the effects of our environment, but we must question one’s motives as to why they are focusing on it if it used for wrong intentions. The fact that President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accord is a mercy move from God.
The President continues to roll out reform as He reinstated The Mexico City Policy, protecting the unborn, and the Johnson Amendment. The President elaborated on his actions towards reinstating the Johnson Amendment. “This Executive Order directs the IRS not to unfairly target churches and religious organizations for political speech so the people that you most respect can now feel free to speak to you…” The President continues, “No Federal worker should be censoring sermons or targeting pastors. These are the people we want to hear from…As long as I am President, no one is going to stop you from practicing your faith or from preaching what is in your heart and from preaching – and really, this is so important, from the bottom of my heart, from preaching from the people that you most want to hear and that you so respect.” 
It is beautiful to see the President standing up for the First Amendment and people of faith, as well his outspoken support for those of faith. See the full story as you can also see the President’s full statements to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Trump Administration, President Donald Trump, The Johnson Amendment, The Mexico City Policy, The Faith and Freedom Coalition, Rules for Radicals, and pollution. Greg shared in this segment.


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President Trump Delivers on Campaign Promise to Evangelicals: Remarks at Faith and Freedom Coalition
PROPHECY! Election of President Donald Trump was in Prophesied 2007; Impeachment Attempts Prophesied in 2014, but God says NO!

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