Assassin with Hit List in Hand Strikes Terror at Baseball Field Shooting – severely injuring Congressman Steve Scalise

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!)Can you imagine being part of a charity baseball game that has been taking place every year since 1909; and as you are practicing with co-workers and friends, shots from a high-powered rifle not only echo throughout the entire field, but then pierce your hip and cause devastating effects to your body. This is what happened at this year’s charity baseball practice game as Republican Congressmen were practicing for the upcoming game in Alexandria Virginia.   Reportedly, this shooter was a former Bernie Sanders supporter and had a “hit-list” of other Congressmen that he was targeting. This is absolutely tragic!
Raw footage from a bystander, walking their dog, captures the repeated gun fire echoing out in the air along with screams from authorities pinpointing the location of the shooter. While all of those who were practicing at the time, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise suffered a gunshot to his hip, while others dove into the dugouts seeking any refuge they could find.
While Congressmen are running FROM the shooter’s gunfire, three members of the Capitol Police Department ran TOWARDS the gunfire. Officers Crystal Griner, David Bailey, and Henry Cabrera rushed the attacker with pistols and ultimately neutralized the threat. While removing the threat, Officer Griner was shot in the ankle, and Officer Bailey suffered a minor injury. In this face of danger, they didn’t run! If it weren’t for these brave law enforcement officers, many Congressman could have been massacred on this day. Thank God that this assassination attempt was stopped.
Texas Congressman John Williams spoke to reporters as he shared his first-hand experience of what took place moments before shots rang out and moments afterwards. He understands the brave actions of the Capital Police Officers stopped this day from being much worse. “There could have easily been 25 deaths or more today.” Choking back tears, he continues to recount his memories of the events as he was on the third base line before the shots began, which placed him no more than 20 yards from the shooter. “I went around the first base side to hit Congressman Scalise ground balls. I did that. The first one, I hit ‘em, the shots went off.”
After the shooter began his terror, Congressman Williams dove into the first base dugout along with many others. “Zach Barth, who works for me, was shot while he was retrieving balls in the outfield. When I got into the dugout, it wasn’t ten seconds, then Zach had come running in from the outfield, and he literally, we landed in each other’s arms. He held me. I held him.” As Congressman Williams continues through the sequence of events in his memory, he shared that there were reportedly 60 shots fired. He continues to thank the Officers that ran towards the shooter. “We had no arms. All we had was bats.”
This is an absolute tragedy. This evil that is taking place is not normal. We cannot wink at this evil that is becoming prevalent throughout our country, whether it’s a comedian holding up a look-alike head of our President, a play acting out the stabbing of our President, or any action of rebellion. Speaker of the House Paul Ryanunderstands the urgency of this moment as he recently addressed the House regarding this assassination attempt.
“There are very strong emotions throughout this house today. We are all horrified by this dreadful attack on our friends and our colleagues and those that serve and protect this Capital. We are all praying for those who are attacked and their families.”Speaker Ryan continues to talk about the shock of this tragedy, but that this was not an attack on one Congressman but on every Congressman and Congresswoman. “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”
As Congressman Williams shared his profound gratitude to the police officers who stood in the line of duty, Speaker Ryan also expresses his deep thanks for each of them and the actions they carried out. “I spoke with Special Agent Bailey and Special Agent Griner this morning. One was being treated and one was about to go into surgery. I expressed our profound gratitude to them. It is clear to me, based on various eye witness accounts, that without these two heroes, Agent Bailey and Agent Griner, many lives would have been lost.”
As we can all surely imagine the horrifying images that many are trying to forget to remember, Speaker Ryan encourages all of us to remember how prayer has transcended party lines as he recalls a photograph that deeply impacted him. “But, there is one image in particular that this House should keep, and that is a photo I saw this morning of our Democratic colleagues gathered in prayer this morning after hearing the news.”
As Speaker Ryan shares his heart, he understands that those standing alongside him as elected officials are more than their titles or positions, each one of us are still human beings. “…we do not shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. For all the noise and all the fury, we are one family.” As stressful as it is to carry out the decisions that must be carried out as an elected official on a daily basis, Speaker Ryan encourages all of his peers to come together in unity. “I ask each of you to join me, to resolve to come together; to lift each other up, and to show the country, to show the world that we are one house, the people’s house united in our humanity. It is that humanity which will win the day and it always will. God bless.”
It is so beautiful to see the overwhelming response and support of our elected leaders just moments after this tragic event took place. As the game still went on, it was relocated to the Washington National Park, and Ivanka Trump was in the dugout showing her support to all of our Congressmen. While the game still went on, all of the players started the game with prayer as they joined together to kneelas one in the infield.
President Trump also shared his remarks on this tragic event during his weekly address. He shared about how he visited Congressman Scalise in the hospital and how millions from across the nation are praying for him. “435 Members of Congress, and 300 million Americans, are pulling for him, praying for him, and pledging to him our full and total support.” President Trump shared his thanks and gratitude towards Agents Griner and Bailey for their brave actions. “They saved the lives of our Members of Congress and prevented that dark day from becoming a tragedy beyond imagination. They, like so many other courageous police officers, represent the very best of us. We salute them, and we also salute members of Alexandria Police, Fire and Rescue.”
As Speaker Ryan spoke about the importance to come together in unity during this time, President Trump also underscored this need as well. “Though we have our differences, what unites us is so much stronger: our love of country, our devotion to its people. Now more than ever, these values must guide us – and bring us closer together.”
This is such an important moment to remember to pray for all of our leaders, those in Washington, and our President. Many different sources are not talking about this event for what it is: an assassination attempt. We must remember the dangers that our leaders face each and every day. See the full report of what is taking place in our nation’s capital, how Congress is responding, the encouraging unity that is taking place, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: crisis, shooting, Alexandria Virginia, Congressional Baseball Game, Alexandria Police Department, Capitol Police Officer, Congressman Steve Scalise, Congressman Williams, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, faith, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment.

screen capture from NewsHour

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