How do We Stand Up to Support and Defend Israel on Social Media? Hananya Naftali, VFNtv’s Unofficial Field Reporter, Interviews Prime Minister Netanyahu

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) Hananya Naftali is an outstanding voice as a champion of truth for the State of Israel and the Israeli people so that the nations of the world can understand the truth of what is taking place within Israel and the region. He is a Messianic Believer, loves God, is a former soldier in the IDF, and loves Israel. He recently sat down with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss how to support and defend Israel on Social Media.
As Naftali sat down with the Prime Minister he highlighted how hard it is to advocate for Israel and asked this question to the Prime Minister; “how can we help the state of Israel on Social Media.” Speaking frankly, the Prime Minister responded, “I think it’s easy to advocate for the state of Israel because all you have to do is advocate the truth.” He emphasized his point, “Just tell the truth!” The Prime Minister continued his response, “talk about our attackers!”
The Prime Minister continues to elaborate on the realities of Israel’s stance in the region. “Israel is the one beacon of liberalism, of pluralism, of freedom…just tell the truth!” As the Prime Minister understands, Israel has its own shortcomings, just as any other country does. “We’re not free of blemishes. We’re not perfect. Who is? But, compared to whom? Compared to our Palestinian attackers, who have no respect for human rights, for their own people, for the freedom of their own people!”
As the Prime Minister has said many times before, in other avenues, and before an array of audiences, he elaborates how progress can only materialize on the foundation of truth. “The only way we’re going to move peace forward is to move on truth. Defend the truth. Stand up for truth. When you stand up for the truth, you stand up for Israel.”
Hananya changes topics as he asks about how to respond to those who deny Israel’s connection to the land of Israel. As Prime Minister Netanyahu points out, Israel has been there for nearly 4,000 years. “I’d say that is a pretty big connection. We’re not colonials. We’re back in our ancestral homeland.” 
It is so beautiful to see Hananya, a 23-year-old, IDF veteran, standing up for Israel and taking the time to advocate as boldly as he is for the country that he loves. As encouraging as he is, it is important to not only stand with Hananya by standing with Israel, we must also pray for his safety and protection. See the full interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: radical Islam, Hamas, freedom, democracy, Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Forces, and Hananya Naftali. Greg shared in this segment

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