Israeli Defense Forces Soldier Murdered: Honoring Hadas Malka, 23-year-Old Israeli Soldier stabbed to Death by Palestinian outside Damascus Gate

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) Tragedy has struck, once again, in Jerusalem as an IDF Soldier, Hadas Malka was stabbed to death defending Israel. There are eight different gates that allow entrance into the Old City of Jerusalem. One of these gates is the Damascus Gate, where Malka was standing her post. We must have empathy and concern about what is happening within Israel, and to the Israeli people. Hananya Naftali, a former IDF Soldier, shares about how this horrible tragedy has affected him as he currently lives in Israel.

With raw footage from Damascus Gate, Naftali describes what took place during this horrible moment. “On Shabbat Eve, 3 Palestinian terrorists, armed with knives and weapons attacked two different locations in Jerusalem.” He continues to describe how the attacker focused on Hadas. “One of the terrorists assaulted Hadas, while she fought him with bare hands for seconds trying to pull off her weapon and defend herself. She was stabbed several times, was rushed to the hospital, but died of her wounds.”
Naftali continues to reveal the sobering reality of this harsh display of evil as he reminds us all about Hadas’s family. “Can you imagine what her family is going through right now? They sent their own daughter to protect the land of Israel and she made the hardest sacrifice of all – HER LIFE.” These moments are absolutely tragic as our hearts go out to the Malka family and all of those who knew Hadas. But, this reality is even more tragic.
Naftali continues to share about how he was stunned reading the news about the death of Hadas Malka and the celebratory response by Hamas. “When I read the news today, I saw that Hamas was celebrating her death; and it shocks me EVERY TIME! How can anyone celebrate a human being’s death?” This is the truth that many around the world are not aware of. “This is what Israel is dealing with. Israel is dealing with terrorists on a daily basis. I’m not saying this because I read it somewhere. I’m saying this from my personal experience when I was in the IDF.”
This is the truth that we must share with the world. Terrorists who kill Israelis, or die carrying out terrorist attacks against Jews are praised by the Palestinian Authority. On top of their celebrations, the families are given money due to their acts of terrorism and streets are named after these terrorists. Evil is not only condoned, it is celebrated!
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah visited the Malka family to share their condolences for the loss of their daughter and sister. As the Prime Minister sits with the grieving family, he shares these honoring words; “We came to salute her, to bow our heads in her memory, to be with you all. It’s just a terrible loss.” Hadas’s father shared about how Hadas impacted Israel with the life that she lived. “There are people who made a mark on the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”He continued, “Most of them accomplished this during their long life but our Hadas was so young and [yet] she made a mark of loving the nation and the state.” Many in the Israeli community honored Hadas in a funeral for her eulogizing the beauty of her life that she lived.
We must pray for the peace of Israel. It is encouraging to know that we have leadership in America that stands up for and supports Israel, President Trump, Vice President Pence, and many others. This is a new season. We are sharing the details of this tragedy because we must raise awareness of what is taking place within Israel. This will be talked about in the heavenlies. We need to maintain our connection with human beings in the land of Israel. We are thankful for Hananya Naftaliand his empathetic report on what is happening in Israel. As an unofficial field reporter for VFNtv, we believe that you can be the next field reporter and share what is happening to reveal what is truly happening in areas around the world. See the full report of what is taking place in Israel, the murder of Hadas Malka, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, Palestinian Incitement, terrorism, Radical Islam, Damascus Gate, Old City of Jerusalem, Israeli Defense Forces, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Hananya Naftali, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.

screen capture from Naftali

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