PROPHECY! Is America Going to War with North Korea?- The Untold Horrific, Barbaric, and Inhumane Treatment of All People in N. Korea especially Christians

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) The days that we are living in are truly interesting times as we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled at such a rapid rate. It appears that we are on the edge of war with North Korea. Presently, we have two aircraft carriers that are heading to the South China Sea. As the New York Times is reporting, the United States is wasting no time preparing their defenses against a possible North Korean missile attack, as they have successfully test fired a defense system that would be able to shoot down an incoming nuclear missile.

If we are developing our own defense systems to prepare against a nuclear attack, one may be asking why we are sending aircraft carriers in the China Sea? What the Lord has revealed is that if we do not deal with North Korea over there, we will have to deal with North Korea, here in the United States. And, if we had to deal with North Korea, here in the United States, it would be after the former President left office. This is an urgent reality that must be dealt with so that it does not encroach on American soil.
It was a prophetic dream given to Isaiah Ramos that the Lord showed an in-depth encounter. In this night vision, Isaiah was with other friends walking in a neighborhood when they saw activity happening in a garage. When they took a closer look, it was Kim Jong-un and his interpreter. Kim Jong-un then looked at Isaiah saying, “do you swear on your God that you won’t share what you saw?” Isaiah said he couldn’t do that and Jong-un continued to threaten him to say that he would take him and abuse him. This is exactly what Kim Jong-un is presently doing to many Christians in North Korea.
Suddenly, the dream shifts and Isaiah finds himself in the White House. There is a charged environment of urgency as gear was being given to Isaiah by the Secret Service, as if something is about to happen. When Isaiah looks out the window, he sees a car approaching the White House and he is immediately aware that it is Kim jong-un. As Isaiah rushes into a room, there is the former president, gripped with fear, “HELP ME! HELP ME!” As Isaiah helps him out the window, the former president then leaves on a helicopter. This is exactly how Barack Obama left the White House as President Donald Trump took office.
As we take a closer look at North Korea, there are horrific atrocities taking place within the walls of labor camps. As media cameras are not allowed within North Korea, those that have survived and escaped the camps have drawn images and shared their own stories describing what is really taking place. Some have even compared the evil leadership of Kim Jong-un to the Roman emperor, Nero, who reportedly would set Christians on fire to see his garden.
There is an International Christian concern about what is taking place in North Korea. The North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004 was signed to share and expose what was taking place under North Korea’s leadership. Christianity has almost been wiped out in North Korea. But, it wasn’t always this way.

According to the
Christian Post, “Prior to the Communist takeover, the capital city of Pyongyang used to be known as the ‘Jerusalem of the East,'” he continued. “In North Korea, Christianity was once a way of life with two churches on the same street corner [being] a common sight.” All of this began to change when a radical decision was made. “It was in 1962 that then-leader Kim Il-sung told the regime’s security agency that “we cannot move toward a common society with religious people…That is why we have to put on trial and punish those who hold positions of Deacon or higher in Protestant or Catholic churches”.
The article further reports just how dire the Christian population in North Korea has been effected. “…about one-quarter of the North Korean population was of some religious belief. But statistical data today shows that number is now below 1 percent.” This is what is coming to America if the Church does not wake up. When we look at how things have resulted in North Korea, we wonder how it even got started. Taking this into consideration, we can see the danger in this statement from Hillary Clinton; “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs…have to be changed.”
When we begin to understand the horrific oppression and evil leadership that is taking place within North Korea, we can better understand why Naval Vessels are in route to the South China Sea. What if you were one of those individuals in a labor camp? What if your life was being threatened by the North Korean government simply because you were a Christian? Would you be grateful that the U.S. military was headed your way?
Many people want to see the same sequence of events that have transpired in North Korea, happen in America. That is the goal of the enemy. It might be the goal of those who are pushing against America’s core values and ideals, but it is the goal of the enemy. We must to turn back to God as a nation. If not, we will see first-hand what is taking place in North Korea.

Amnesty International UK reveals through interviews and testimonies, what is happening in North Korea, is quite shocking. Kim Young-Soon spent 9 years in the political prison camp, Yodok. “From sunrise to sunset, you work. There are no set working hours. You get up at 3:30 am to report for work at 4:30 am and then you work until dark.” Jihyun Park was sent to a labor camp after she fled North Korea, but was later caught in China. She shares how pregnant women are forced to work. “Pregnant women get sent to labor camps to carry loads up and down the hills which cause miscarriages.”
Amidst these extraneous conditions, prisoners are forced to work with little to no food. Joo-Il Kim was a former military captain, and he points out how lack of food not only affects civilians, but also those in the military. “I saw piles of bodies, who have died from starvation in public places.” He continues to share horrifying details of how extreme malnutrition affects the human body.
In North Korea, it’s not just one person convicted of a crime that gets sent to a prison camp, but multiple members of the same family. This is North Korea’s ‘guilt by association’.  Kim Young-Soon further explains, “I may be the culprit, but the other six members of my family are forced to go with me to the prison camp without knowing the charge.”
It is vital that we see and recognize the dire realities that are taking place in North Korea right now. Presently, there are two U.S. aircraft carriers inbound to the South China Sea. As Vice President Mike Pence has stated, ‘the time for strategic patience is over’. We cannot get wrapped up and concerned about the myriad of political topics that many are discussing. Generations of Koreans hang in the balance. What are we doing about it? See the full story of what is taking place in North Korea, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: human rights, human rights violations, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, ICBMs, Kim Jong-un, South China Sea, North Korea, persecution, gulags, prophecy, prophetic dream, night vision, Roman Emperor Nero, oppressive leadership, political labor camp, and the U.S.S. Reagan. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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