Sweeping changes in the Veterans Affairs Office to Accelerate and Modernize access to Medical Records for Veterans-Trump administration standing with those who are standing with Americans for our Safety and Liberty

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! As the President recently signed a bill into law that would help law enforcement and their families receive the needed benefits they deserve, he also signed a bill that would help veterans. This bill helps those veterans transitioning into civilian life to begin a new career in law enforcement. It is the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act.
As the President continues to describe, “the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act allows the use of federal grants to help our military veterans transition to new careers in law enforcement.” The President does an outstanding job using this opportunity to express his personal appreciation and condolences to the many men and women in our armed forces that are serving all around the globe to protect our way of life. “We love our veterans, and they’re serving overseas, they’re in harm’s way, and they are doing things that very few people would have the courage to do, and we will be and always will be incredibly proud to have them with us, and they’ve been with us like nobody, and we are going to be protecting them. They’ve been protecting us. We’re going to be helping them right now. They’ve really been with us, in terms of freedom, in terms of our rights, and we’re right now, in terms of their rights.” The President has continually been outspoken regarding our service members because he understands the top priority of keeping our nation safe and the citizens within its borders safe. “As president, keeping Americans safe is my highest duty, and supporting law enforcement is my unwavering commitment.”
It is good to see our President standing behind our military and those that are electing to transition out of the military. For some, transitioning out of the military life can be the hardest part. Transitioning back into the civilian world can be a greater culture shock than the transitioning of seeing a war zone. One comes after months and months of intensive training, classes, and culture preparation. While the other can only be realized in the reality of itself. No matter how much you tell yourself “you’re getting out”, the difficulties can’t be realized until they come.
It’s important to understand that one cannot expect to understand what a veteran is going through, transitioning back into civilian life, if we have not experienced the same reality, or if we are not willing to listen. Veterans Health Administration captures this paradigm as they show multiple veterans expressing the hallmark response to someone asking how they’re transition is going. “I’m good”. When we truly begin to demonstrate a caring and empathetic ear will we begin to hear the responses that reveal the rawness of their hearts? “I’m good. But I don’t feel anything anymore.”; “but nobody understands”; “but I don’t even know who I am anymore”.
This was true for Steve Kaliszewski. After he served two combat deployments with the Marines, he only had a few short weeks left until his enlistment contract was over. Suddenly, he found himself in an entirely new city, trying to begin a new life. It seemed as if his life viciously crashed onto the rocks of despair, until God stepped in. Steve shares his story of how the transition back to civilian life was more than he could navigate and that his only refuge came when he cried out to Jesus. His story is one that you’ll want to share with every family member or friend that is in the military and thinking about getting out, or the veteran that still struggles within civilian life, whether they finished their service last week, or twenty years ago.
See the full report of how President Trump is defending our law enforcement, as well as our service members and veterans, how we can have empathy and understanding for all of those who serve, for those who are beginning to navigate a new life as a civilian, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The White House, Vice President Mike Pence, fire department, Emergency Medical Technicians, first responders, U.S. Military, policeman, policewomen, men and women in uniform, Paul Harvey, Veterans Affairs Association, medical records, PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, honor, respect, and authority. John and Steve shared in this segment. 

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President Trump delivers on Campaign Promises to stand with Law Enforcement and Veterans signing two Major Bills
WATCH! President Trump delivering on his promise by signing two bills standing with military and law enforcement

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