WATCH! Fulfillment of Prophetic word by Kim Clement; Supreme Court Rulings; and Warren Buffet’s Take on America’s Economy

God is not surprised nor shocked about what is taking place on Earth today or what is being said in the headlines. Amos 3:7 reminds us, “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” Kim Clement was one of these prophets. Back in 2007, he declared these words as the Spirit of the Lord led him to speak. “…where Time Magazine will have no choice but to say what I want them to say. Newsweek, what I want to say. The View, what I want to say.” When Newsweek prematurely printed their cover with the words of “Madam President” and the face of Hillary Clinton, they had to print a new cover with “Mr. President” and the face of Donald Trump after he won the Presidential Election. As Newsweek had to say what God wanted them to say, so does The View. When New York’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was a guest on The View, he shared some remarkable statements.
“[Donald Trump] is our President and we need this country to be run well.”  He continued to express how important it is to stand behind and support the President that our country voted for. “You have an election, whoever wins, then we have to get behind…” It’s important to remember that God said all of this would take place.
These are such exciting times to see the prophetic words of the Lord coming to pass. See the full prophetic word from the late Kim Clement, the full statements from Michael Bloomberg, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, hope, Time Magazine, elections, and hope. Greg shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! “The Economy of this Country shall Change Rapidly” Prophetic Word from Kim Clement Fulfilled as President Trump Holds First Cabinet Meeting
This is such an exciting moment in time. The late Kim Clement prophesied that ‘[Donald Trump] will bring the walls of protection on this country in a greater way and the economy of this country shall change rapidly’, says the Lord of Hosts”. We are seeing the fulfillment of prophetic word as President Trump holds his first Cabinet meeting with all of his Cabinet members.
For the first time, we see all the Cabinet members gathered together where they briefly share about their individual responsibilities, and we see their faces. There has been a delay getting all the Cabinet members together because of their delayed appointments by Congress. There is an incredible grace upon our leaders to lead. This is something that the Lord is doing. See the full discussion from the President during the Cabinet meeting, each of the Cabinet members sharing about their roles, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The White House, The Trump Administration, Cabinet members, and prayer. Greg shared in this segment.

GOD MOVES WITH MERCY ON AMERICA! Warren Buffet, #2 Richest Man in America Comments on America’s Economy
2017 is going to be a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR!! We are seeing sweeping changes taking place in Washington as well as effects rippling through America’s economy. When seeking to find out how America’s economy is responding, who better to ask than the #2 richest man in America, Warren Buffet. He recently sat down with PBS News Hour to discuss the realities of America’s economy and unemployment.
When PBS’s Judy Woodruff sat down with Buffet, she highlighted the highs in America; the Stock Market, and low unemployment, but commenting on the lagging growth of our economy. “…we’re still not seeing the growth that people would like to see. What’s going on?” Unshaken by the present realities of the economy’s growth, Buffet speaks with profound wisdom. “The economy is doing well, but all Americans aren’t doing well.”
While President Trump has commented on his desire to increase the present population growth of 2%, Warren Buffet shares his take on a higher growth than 2%. “I don’t think probably on average we will have that kind of growth.” As Buffet continues to share, 2% provides more for our economy than most would assume. “If you take 2 percent, we have a half-a-percent population growth, and we have a little immigration, but 2 percent in one generation will add $19,000 of GDP per person, family of four, $76,000 in one generation. So, your children and your children’s children and all that, they will live far, far, far better than we live with 2 percent growth.”
As Woodruff turns the conversation towards the unemployment rate she comments, “More people are leaving jobs than are joining. Are we seeing some kind of shift?” Buffet shares how different America’s reality of production is compared to 200 years ago. If you think about it, if you go back to 1800, it took 80 percent of the labor force to produce enough food for the country. Now it takes less than 3 percent.”
Woodruff continues the conversation by asking about interest rates. “I think you said earlier this year that you weren’t worried that the market was in a bubble, because interest rates were staying low. As you know, the Federal Reserve is starting to raise them. Do you still feel the market is not in a bubble?” Buffet comments on his extensive experience in stocks from his first stock purchase in 1942 to today. “And no matter what the headlines say, or terrible things are happening — we were losing the war in the Pacific when I first bought stocks. So, America’s going to do fine over time. America business is going to do fine over time.”
When critics comment on the economy of America, we can listen to what Buffet is saying to get an understanding of what is happening. Taking into consideration his accurate predictions and market decisions, Woodruff asks Buffet what is the take away is for those wanting to invest in America. “Today, as people look at you and look at the decisions that you have made, what mainly should people take a look at?” Buffet shares these encouraging words, “They should be willing to bet on America. They shouldn’t listen to a lot of jabbering about what the market’s going to do tomorrow or next week or next month, because nobody knows. They should just keep buying and buying and buying a little bit of America as they go along. And 30 or 40 years from now, they will have a lot of money.” These are such important truths to understand. We are blessed to be a blessing. We must learn how to manage millions in order to invest millions in the Kingdom.
See the full interview of Warren Buffet and his comments on America’s economy, unemployment, the growth rate, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: President Trump, Berkshire Hathaway, 2% GDP growth, low employment, labor participation rate, mercy, the DOW, NASDAQ, Judy Woodruff, and market fluctuations. Greg shared in this segment.

ANSWERED PRAYER! Repeated Victories Coming out of the Supreme Court
If you remember where we came from over the last eight years, the rulings that were coming out of the Supreme Court were totally contradictory towards God and the way of life in America. There has been a mercy shift as God has heard our prayers! Moments after President Trump took office, he nominated Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court Justice, and Justice Gorsuch has since been confirmed. When the President previously established a travel ban, judges ruled it unconstitutional. Now, the tables have turned and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the President. The President’s Executive order is now in effect. But, this wasn’t the only victory coming out of the Supreme Court.
As CBN News reports, the Supreme Court also ruled in favor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Missouri regarding a case involving funds offered by the state. When previous rulings denied funding, stating Trinity Lutheran as a “religious institution”, another change in decision has taken place. As CBN News shares, the Supreme Court decision revealed, “odious to our Constitution.” As Michael Farris, from Alliance Defending Freedom, shared, “Believers, like all people, want equality, and that’s what this court decision has given us today — is that when government creates a program, religious people can’t be told to stay outside, that we’re second-class citizens”. This is so exciting.
The minimalization of Christians over the last eight years has been unprecedented. Now, we are beginning to see the Supreme Court take on cases that they haven’t in recent history. As the movement of victory continues to ring out from within the Supreme Court, more hope continues to shine as the Court has revealed they will accept the case of a bakery business owner who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. 
Dollars that can be awarded to another organization or institution, cannot be ruled out to be given to a religious organization solely based on a faith based organization. As President Trump stopped the Johnson Amendment, the IRS has been instructed to back off 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.  It is so vital to remember, as the Church, you have a voice in America. It’s important that we stand, as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stood for what they believed amidst the ways of their conflicting culture.

See the full coverage of what is taking place within the Supreme Court, the victories that are being decided, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Romans 14, culture, faith, character, business, tax code, Internal Revenue Service, The Johnson Amendment, non-profit 501c3, Trinity Lutheran Church, CBN News, and prayer. Greg shared in this segment. 


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PROPHECY! “The Economy of this Country shall Change Rapidly” Prophetic Word from Kim Clement Fulfilled as President Trump Holds First Cabinet Meeting
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