Prophetic Gathering: Decreeing P.O.T.U.S. Shield over America

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) The Hand of God is doing so many mighty and miraculous things in our midst. He is turning America back to its foundation. During many media broadcasts, you have noticed the letters in the bottom of the screen “POTUS”. It stands for “The President of the United States”. But, God has another purpose for the same letters: “The Prophetic Order of the United States”. Nothing takes place in the natural without a change in the spiritual first. God spoke to Frank Amedia about this paradigm about what is taking place.

As Amedia shares, he describes how the Lord has been speaking to him about what is soon to take place. “At that point, the Lord said, ‘I’m going to release another shaking and moving announcement’”. When Amedia was previously on the Jim Bakker Show, before the 2016 Presidential Elections, he described the story of Esther and that Haman would hang on his own gallows. Amedia continues what the Lord has revealed to him. “No longer will people be pursuing the glory of God in specific locations. It will no longer be geographical. It will no longer be in the notoriety of the person. Otherwise, you will not be pursuing somebody who ministers in the glory of God so that you can have an ‘experience’ in the glory.” Amedia continues to share how the glory of God will be upon the Church. “But instead, there is a fresh pouring out of the Lord, from the heavens above, of a double portion of the Elijah spirit, to move in the glory of God and walk in the glory at all times”.
Amedia releases a powerful understanding of the glory of God that each and every one within the Church can walk in. “It is time for you to receive the knowledge of the glory working in you, and through you, so that everywhere you go, you walk with the glory of God, because you ARE the glory of God.” It is time for the Church to shine the Light of God that is upon us. No longer do we have to run after men. If you have received Jesus Christ into your life, Christ dwells within you. The secret of the glory of God is within us.
What is additionally powerful in this revelation, as Amedia shares, is that the POTUS Shield is being established. Many refer to the President, as stated earlier, but the Lord has revealed deeper meaning about what is taking place within the White House. As God has previously made known, Washington D.C. is a house of cards. God has also revealed that a wind would come through Washington D.C. tearing down the idols. The Lord shared specific words to Amedia about President Trump.
“Don’t expect that this President is going to walk into a time of utter peace in this country. He has a breaker anointing.” Amedia points out that it is for this “breaker anointing” that President Trump has been put in place by the Lord. “It is by design, that when he opposes something, or when he is put into a situation, it is to shift it and to break it, and to turn it. And so, what we’re seeing is this churning at every level.”  There is much that President Trump has been used to break up, yet there are areas that are yet to be broken up. For instance, Congress has shamed Barack Obama for the creation of Obamacare. Presently, in the Trump Administration, Congress has yet to end Obamacare. There is an existing stronghold in the spirit that needs to be broken up. If we proclaim it, and decree it, God will shift us back to our Judeo-Christian Values.
This is our moment as the Church, to stand in agreement with the President, and for our Nation. We have a responsibility to be united in prayer for God’s plan for our country. So much opposition is revolting against what President Trump is doing, but God is wanting to break up that opposition. When God deals with things, it seems as if more and more revolts against the plans of God. Everything the enemy has built is all being used to take down the enemy. It is God that is doing this. We need to embrace the Lord.  
Amedia continues to talk in detail about the opposition that is taking place against President Trump. “It’s coming from what we have put into one category as “the left”. And with this, we also say “the left media”. Amedia continues, “We have come to expect that there is going to be a negative twist on almost everything we hear and see coming out of Washington. But, don’t be surprised”.  Amedia addresses what we need to do in response to this opposition.
“We need to pray up a shield and believe God to move forward. And where there are things in darkness that needs to be exposed, let them be exposed however the chips may fall knowing that God is requiring a new accountability in our government.” We cannot lie to ourselves and think that this level of accountability was upon the last administration. When speaking about the last administration, Amedia says, “We’re seeing more and more that it was manipulation; that it was politics working at 110%. It’s important to recognize that the need for change is not solely on the Democratic left. There are areas within the Republican right that also need change. “What about the base that held on to power, even in the Republican Party, and with the prior Republican administrations? Some of those old guards are still there and they don’t want to let go.”Amedia continues, “Don’t be surprised when it comes out into the light, and we’re gonna declare it prophetically that it must come out into the light, that they’re working as hard to oppose this President.”
The Bible reveals a changing of leadership that underwent a similar series of events. When God was bringing down the evil leadership of Ahab and Jezebel, it appeared that their evil schemes were in place and working, up until the last second. But, God used Elijah as a prophetic voice atop Mount Carmel to confront the false prophets.
The leaks that are being revealed in our current government are not from one political party, but multiple areas of government. Amedia elaborates, “There are leaks that are coming from that old guard, as well as the left old guard. And, we want to declare, in the name of the Lord, that those leaks must now manifest and that those people that are leaking, shall come to the forefront and shall be held accountable and stopped. In Jesus’ name”. Amedia continues to address those who may perceive themselves doing the work of the Lord as being part of this opposition. “Even those who call themselves Christians, and love the Lord, and think maybe they’re serving God and what they’re doing by mixing it with Him, and not hearing the Word of the Lord…God shall even challenge them now”.
Not only is significant change happening in the Executive Branch, but also within the Judicial Branch in the Supreme Court. “The Lord said that there would be at least three seats.” Amedia shares that the Lord spoke to him the morning after the November 8th Presidential Elections. “Point to the Supreme Court. I’m going to change the laws”. Amedia elaborates about how we are supposed to pray regarding the Supreme Court. “We’re supposed to be praying for all of those laws that are against the precepts of the doctrine of Christianity.” Amedia continues to describe what the Lord said to him, “we are to bring the cases forward. Tell the states, bring the cases forward. Tell My people, bring the cases forward. And, as they move through the system, they will find a Supreme Court that God has transformed and put back in place that we can renew the laws of this land One Nation Under God”.
When Frank Amedia was on the Jim Bakker Show earlier this month, he describes how he prophesied that Donald Trump would win the Presidential Election when speaking to Alan Colmes on Fox News. At that time, Colmes asked Amedia how Trump would win. “He is going to win by a landslide in the Electoral College.”
Amedia continues the sequence of events as he shares how he was then invited to the Jim Bakker Show, and he prophesied, from the Book of Esther, that Haman would hang on the gallows. In the story of Esther, the King over the Persian Empire, had a queen, Queen Vashti, who rejected the King’s summoning of her. A man who sat at the entrance of the city’s gates, Mordecai, heard of an evil plot. When Mordecai learned that this plot was true, he strategically used Esther to stop the plans from coming to pass.
During Mordecai’s preparations to stop these evil plans, a man named Haman sought to promote himself as number two man in the Persian Empire. When a transition appeared to soon be taking place within the Persian Empire, Haman perceived himself to be the one to be promoted. But, the story concluded with the exposing of Haman as the one who was behind the evil plot and Mordecai’s actions succeeding. Amedia then describes how this story is indicative of what the Lord was doing during the Presidential Elections.
“God isn’t finished. And the spirit of Haman is not only being exposed, it’s being judged right now in this nation and in this country…It’s not only time to expose the spirit of Haman, but to destroy the spirit of Haman.”
Considering the reality of the story that Amedia shares regarding, Esther, Mordecai, and Haman, what is additionally interesting is a specific occurrence that took place during the Democratic National Convention in 2012.  Bishop Vashti McKenzie spoke during the Convention about her role in the Credentials Committee. Of all the people to speak, Vashti took to the stage and Vashti spoke over the entire party.
When we look at these occurrences, we can see the prophetic happenings that are taking place in the spirit, and how the Lord has lined up the events that are now taking place. After all of this, the Lord revealed the vision of the POTUS SHIELD to Frank Amedia. “I’m raising up a Prophetic Order of the United States.” The Lord continues to speak to Amedia. “The voice of the prophet will never be quenched again, in this nation, unless the prophets don’t speak.”
Amedia explains about what the Lord reveals regarding the POTUS SHIELD, the Church prays about, and then the world sees what the Lord has already revealed. “We see things before they happen…and then we declare, and decree it…and then we see it on the news about a week or two weeks later, or a month later.”As Amedia continues to share what the Lord has revealed about the POTUS SHIELD, he begins to describe how there will be three different Supreme Court Justices. The Lord said, “I’m going to have an encounter and move with Justice Sotomayer”.
It’s important that we don’t get into agreement with the fake media. The audience of the fake news is going down. The influence of the fake news is going down. The lights are being turned down within these forms of media. We must speak light into the darkness. If we do, we will find that the darkness will go away. We must lock into agreement with the Word of the Lord, we must decree what God has declared, and walk in it. Bishop Bill Hammon reveals a powerful prophetic word that highlights the importance of walking in this prophetic season.
“God showed me these next few months are so crucial that we hear the voice of God, and we walk closely to God. We’ve got to pray for our leadership and really be close to what God is saying”. Hammon continues to highlight, “This is our year of divine reversal from the old to the new, and from the anti-Christ spirit, to the Christ Spirit”.It is vital that the Church recognize who we are in Christ. As Hammon describes, “We are God’s warriors. We are God’s army. We are God’s people that’s called to establish God’s Kingdom and demonstrate His glory.” There is so much at stake in what is happening this year. “This year is a vital, pivotal, turning year, and if we obey God, and if the Church will walk like we’re supposed to, we’re going to see a turn around, revival in America, and a move of God like never before”.

As the Church, we must settle in our hearts to stop listening to the fake media that is attacking our country. God is going to do great things. Be encouraged as you see the full prophetic word from Frank Amedia, Bill Hammon, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: POTUS, Prophetic Order of the United States, Haman, Queen Vashti, Esther, Mordecai, gallows, The Glory of God, Children of the Light, President Trump, The White House, the Trump Administration, prophecy, prophetic word, Holy Spirit, breaker anointing, Lance Wallnau, Jim Bakker Show, Vice President Mike Pence, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, Congress, The Supreme Court, fake news, old guard, new guard, Pastor Frank Amedia, Bishop Bill Hammon, leaks, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, 2016 Prophetic Elections, Electoral College, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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