Cross-like Molecule HOLDS OUR BODIES TOGETHER! Evidence of God in the Human Body! Lou Giglio shares reality of Laminin

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) How God designed our bodies is such an amazing work. Just as God created all of creation, He also created every imaginable detail of our human frame, even how we are held together. When Louie Giglio shared about the awesome reality of the Evidence of God in the Human Body, he shared how a molecular biologist confirmed God’s handiwork in each of our frames.
As Giglio shares how he is preparing a sequence of messages titled “The Glory of God in the Human Body”, a man responds with excitement sharing that he is a molecular biologist and asks Giglio to share the details. As Giglio is reeling in the reality of trying to meet the likes of molecular biologist, the biologist interrupts him. “Well what’s your big left hook? You gotta have a left hook? A big finish, right?” A big finish, Giglio did not have. Continuing in his initial excitement, the molecular biologist exclaims, “Oh LOUIE! You’re Big Left Hook is LAMININ!” He continues, “It’s a cell adhesion molecule!”
As Giglio tries to mask his stunning blank awareness of Laminin, the molecular biologist begins to intricately entail the existence of protein cells in the body and how one of these cells is Laminin. “It’s like the rebar of the human body. The steel they put in the concrete when they lay the foundations of things. It’s that stuff. It’s holding your membranes together. IT’S THE GLUE OF THE HUMAN BODY LOU!” As Giglio recounts this encounter, you can imagine the excitement of this molecular biologist is palpable. Giglio can hardly contain himself as he stares blankly in response. The biologist exclaims, “You’ve got to see Laminin!” After Giglio waits to be shown it, the biologist instructs him to go home and search Laminin on the web. The images that Giglio sees on his screen nearly knock him out of his chair.
“WOW! That’s Laminin!? The cell adhesion molecule? WHOA!!! I AM SO EXCITED! I AM BESIDE MYSELF! I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I’M SEEING!” As Giglio realizes many in the crowd are expressing the same reaction he gave the biologist, he realizes they need to see Laminin as well. “Here is a scientific diagram of the cell adhesion molecule that is holding your body together right now.” As Giglio got in contact again with the molecular biologist, the biologist shares with him an electron microscopic image of an actual Laminin protein molecule. Giglio begins to express the overwhelming reality of God’s hand at work. “How crazy is that; that the stuff that holds our bodies together, its holding the lining of your organs together, holding your skin on, is in the perfect shape of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ!?” As Giglio points out, this is the very reality that the Bible points to in Colossians 1:16-17.

This is such a powerful testimony of the majesty and glory of God. Think about this amazing reality; God had Jesus Christ in mind before He even formed Adam in the Garden. Be encouraged and stirred in your hope and love in the Lord as You see the reality of His handprints all over each one of us, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: cell adhesion molecule, Laminin, molecular biologist, Louie Giglio, Evidence of God, Creation, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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