ROOF KNOCKING! The Compassion of the Israeli Defense Forces; Former IDF Soldier, Hananya Naftali, shares an inside view from his own experience

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) We not only love Israel, but we also love the Israeli Defense Forces, the IDF. These are the men and women who serve in Israel to defend the state of Israel and the people within its borders. While some news outlets portray the IDF as evil, it cannot be emphasized enough that the IDF is truly a compassionate force. As a former IDF soldier, Hananya Naftali shares about some of the things the IDF teaches to its soldiers.
Naftali shares about a small booklet that each soldier receives upon entering the IDF, “The IDF Code of Ethics”, also known as “The Spirit of the IDF”. Naftali reads specifically from the Code of Ethics as he reads about human dignity. “The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to protect human dignity. Every human being is of value, regardless of his or her origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position.” While sharing real-world examples, Naftali describes how Israeli soldiers care for wounded Syrians, “that no one else cares about, not even their own government”.
Naftali continues to read about the value of human life as is described in the IDF Code of Ethics. “The IDF servicemen and women will act in a judicious and safe manner in all they do, out of recognition of the supreme value of human life. During combat, they will endanger themselves and their comrades only to the extent required to carry out their mission.” As Naftali points out, the IDF keeps the value of life as a high priority in all their actions. During the Gaza War, the IDF carried out what is known as “roof knocking”.
As Hamas was known to take small buildings as outposts, the IDF would fire a small missile at precision located targets. The missile was small enough not to cause structural damage, but large enough to signify everyone in the house that a larger missile was on the verge of destroying the entire building. About a minute later, the larger rocket decimates the structure. This delay is carried out to allow ample time for non-combatants to flee the targeted location. Looking at these realities, Naftali asks this important question, “I’m asking myself why the truth is not being said on BBC or CNN?”
It is these truths that we must share to the world about Israel and the IDF. Some of the stories that are being said in today’s media about Israel and the IDF are simply not true. See the full story from Hananya Naftali, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: compassion, military, the Israeli Defense Forces, Gaza War, Hamas, IDF Code of Ethics, Syria, and Hananya Naftali. Greg shared in this segment. 

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