Ten Commandments Taken Down from Oklahoma’s State Capitol? Are They Written in our Hearts?

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) As the nation has witnessed the travesties of decisions being made to take down The Ten Commandments from multiple locations throughout our country, it is important to remember that America is built upon the values of Judeo-Christian values. The very laws that we find within America come from these laws. But, at the Oklahoma Capitol, the courts decided that the 10 Commandments were unconstitutional and needed to be removed. What is shockingly to see is that workers were carrying out this order in the middle of the night to avoid demonstrators if the act were carried out in the daytime. Some people may be outraged that this is happening, but if asked what the Ten Commandments are, not everyone could answer.

It does no good if the Ten Commandments are written on stone if they are not written on our hearts. How many pastors are teaching their people the Ten Commandments? The question is, do we know the Ten Commandments? Are these Ten Commandments in our homes? God will put the Ten Commandments back in our homes and in our courts, when we bring them back into our hearts.
As a Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, Clay Christensen, once had a conversation with a Marxist Economist from China. During their discussion, the reality of religion in America was brought up. “I had no idea how critical religion is to the functioning of democracy.” The student continued, “the reason why democracy works is not because the government was designed to oversee what everybody does, but rather democracy works because most people, most of the time voluntarily choose to obey the law.” It was in this conversation that Christensen was reminded of a reality that he was noticing in culture. “As religion loses the influence over the lives of Americans, what will happen to our democracy?” He asks this staggering question that applies to all of us, “…if you take away religion, you can’t hire enough police.”

It is vital to recognize the freedoms that we have been afforded in our country and to recognize that our freedom has been given to us by God. We must not only talk about these truths, but apply them in our daily lives. See the full story of what has taken place in the Oklahoma Capitol, how to personally remember the Ten Commandments, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Ten Commandments, Christianity, Judeo-Christian Values, American Civil Liberties Association, Clay Christensen, Harvard Business School, religion, and freedom. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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