“Terrorism must be prevented from entering our country”, says President Trump; Muslim Women stand in agreement for America to raise the Urgency of Islamists; and the Three Abrahamic Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) Now is the time to confront Radical Islam. As President Trump has continually been clear about the urgent need to not only confront, but also eradicate Radical Islam, his words remain clear when he recently spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. As supportive of the military that our President is, he understands the tremendous sacrifices that our military embraces in order to carry out the missions that are passed down to them. With the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, the President continues to underscore this pressing priority.
“We cannot allow radical Islamic terrorism to spread in our country or allow extremists to find sanctuary on our shores.” He continued to highlight his priority to keep America safe. “We will protect our country. We will protect our families, and our ways of life will always be protected. We will crush this enemy that is waging war on all of civilization.” As the President understands the need to keep America safe, he also understands that Muslim majority countries must also protect their countries from this evil as well. The President addressed this urgent matter when he visited Saudi Arabia and spoke to leaders from 50 Muslim countries.
As Radical Islam has left a horrific wake of destruction, and unspeakable evils in its path, many have endured unimaginable persecution solely because of their faith. The President continued to address, “I called on these leaders to protect Muslims and Christians and Jews and people of all faiths, because you know what’s going on there, and it’s horrible, horrible. Terrorism is a threat, and it is a big threat, to religious liberty around the world, and all responsible nations must protect the right of people to live and worship according to their conscience.” He understands that this is not going to be an easy journey for our nation, but a journey that must be completed, one that will be completed together. “There are many hills and mountains to climb, but one by one, we will scale those summits, and we will get the job done and get the job done correctly. We will prove worthy of this very, very important moment in history.” He underscored this urgent matter with these remarkable inspiring words; “And as long as our country remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens, and devoted to its Creator, then our best days are yet to come because we will make America great again.”
People have asked where the voices from within the Muslim community are that are condemning the actions of ISIS and other radical groups. Asra Nomani is one of those voices. An India-born American activist, Nomani has created a reputation as one who has been continually calling for reform within Islam. When she recently spoke before The Senate Homeland Security Committee discussing Violent Extremism, she highlighted how she has witnessed the realities of Radical Islam in her own life.  “I have lived on this Earth and seen this ideology take root in communities from my hometown of Morgantown, West Virginia, to Northern Virginia, to the rest of the world.” She continues to point out how important words are, and the type of literature that fuels this ideology, that are so easily accessible in America. “As you said, Senator Johnson, we do have rules, contracts, in this country when you incite violence, when you lead people to violate our U.S. laws. Amazon sent me, overnight, this book ‘Woman in the Shade of Islam’, that outlines how a man can beat his wife.”
She continues to address the importance of understanding the words that are being promulgated in our culture. “Ideas matter and words matter. We have to get at the heart of the ideas that are then leading people to violence.”She highlights how important it is to understand how people arrive to the results of extremism. “We should not just look at these incredible programs that are dealing with people once they become violent. We need to address the ideas that take them on that conveyer belt to that radicalization.”
It’s not just the books of literature that are available at our fingertips, it is also the increasing breadth of technology in our culture as well. “I believe also that our internet companies our failing us, unfortunately. Amazon.com brought me this book on ‘how to beat a wife’”. She continues her point by describing Godaddy.com, which “hosts a website called Al-Manar. I invite anyone to go there and use the search engine and just look up the word ‘Jew’, and see how many ways they say that Jewish people should be murdered.”
She highlights how we must do more to combat these actions that are being carried out in America. “We’re not doing enough to police these bad ideas. These are ideas that are not protected simply by our free speech rights in America. They are ideas that incite violence.” If white supremacy is not tolerated in America, then neither should the teachings of these radical views be tolerated either. “We stand against white supremacists. We should stand together against Muslim supremacists.” It is this area of focus that we must put our attention to combatting Radical Islam. “Unless we go to the heart of the problem, we will continue to be fighting terrorist acts for the generations to come. We have to dismantle the network of these bad ideas that are being put forward into the minds and hearts of young people; and we have to do it today!”
Nomani is not a solo voice in this calling for reform within Islam. Ayaan
Hirsi Magan is an outspoken voice for women’s rights, founder of the Aha Foundation, a former practicing Muslim, and now an atheist. She sat alongside Nomani on the panel discussing Violent Extremism. When looking at how America has responded to the realities of Radical Islam, she states these pressing words. “We have failed!” She continues to elaborate on her observations.
“We have spent Trillions of dollars. We have waged wars since 9/11. Islamists, Radicals, whatever name you choose to call them, they have grown exponentially. They are sympathizers. The agencies, the money, the funding that they get. All of that has grown exponentially since 9/11…It has doubled, tripled, in some places it has quadrupled. We’ve completely failed to define the enemy.”
As Magan continues to elaborate this reality with her mounting list of evidence of why she believes America has failed to respond to this threat, she then reminds our leaders of the situation that France is currently in. “If you look at some of the other countries, I’m really, really worried and I think we don’t have the sense of urgency here; worried about some of these European countries. Do you realize that France is in a State of Emergency since November 13, 2015?”
When we talk about the realities of Islam, it is important to understand the differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Each of these trace their faith back to Abraham, and also trace their heritages back to Jerusalem, but there are distinct differences between them. In a brief documentary looking at the heritages of these three faiths, we can clearly see where the lines of separation are.
“Abraham, who is the father of Isaac and Ishmael. Now, on Isaac’s side, he was the father of Jacob who became Israel, and obviously, that’s the father of the Jewish faith. And then, on the other side you had Ishmael, and then you had Edom, or Esau. It was out of those individuals, on that side of the Abrahamic family, that many of the Middle Eastern nationalities derive from.”
Where these faiths put their sights on who they believe the Messiah is, we begin to see some stark differences. “The Jewish faith believes the Messiah will be human and will oversee a period of great transformation on Earth.”The Messianic beliefs of Christians and Muslims can be described as polar opposites. “Similar stories told from very different perspectives with very different outcomes.” As Joel Rosenberg describes, “I think of it as a photographic negative of each other”.
“Christians believe the returning Messiah is Jesus Christ. Islam’s savior is the Mahdi, who will emerge as the Pope, President, and General of the world.” As the Bible teaches that the anti-Christ will behead his enemies, the Islamic Messiah commands to “smite the neck of the unbeliever”. In the Bible, Revelation 13 describes how the anti-Christ will have an assistant to deceive the inhabitants of the world. While the Quran teaches that Jesus will come back to assist the Mahdi, the Islamic messiah. “The Biblical anti-Christ will reign for seven years. The Mahdi, seven years.”
As an additional indicator of the “photographic negative”, as Rosenberg describes, is the differing applications of the “The Mark” as described between the Bible and the Quran. “Both religions talk of the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Christians believe it will be put on the forehead, wrist, and forearm of those who follow the anti-Christ. Only those with the Mark will be able to buy and sell goods. The Bible teaches that anyone taking the Mark will ultimately be cast into Hell.” While the Quran teaches this same reality, it comes from an entirely different reality. The Quran teaches the Dābbat al-Ardbelieve there will be a “literal beast” who will “mark the foreheads of all true Muslim believers. So, on the Islamic side, Muslims are actually hoping to be marked with the Mark of the Beast.”
As we hear about all three faiths, and their lineage coming from Abraham, it is vital to recognize that not all offer the way to God. Islam believes that Jesus will come back and repent for saying that He is the Son of God. This is a false belief. Islam wants a political belief system, an entire world ruled by Islam, under Sharia Law. The only way to God is through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about love. We must look for God in the midst of so much evil that is taking place in the Earth. When Justin Bieber recently took the stage, he shared these inspiring words. “God is good in the midst of the darkness. God is good in the midst of the evil. God is in the midst no matter what is happening in the world. And He loves you and He’s here for you.” This is the reality that we must remember, even when darkness appears to be increasing in the world. The decision we make about who God is, is so vitally important that we will spend eternity with our decision.
See the full story on the urgency of eradicating Radicalism, the full statement from President Trump at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, the full statements from Asra Nomani and Ayaan Hirsi Magan, understanding the three faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: liberalism, atheism, terrorism, Radical Islam, Asra Nomani, Ayaan Hirsi Magan, persecution, President Trump, The White House, Faith and Freedom Coalition, Morgantown West Virginia, Muslim Student Association, racism, Congress, 9/11 Terrorist Attack, End Times, Revelation, false prophet, Mark of the Beast, deception, Eternity, and Kamal Saleem. Greg shared in this segment. 
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