Azusa Now! Billy Graham’s Mantle About to Fall on America for a Great Harvest of Souls Part 3

[Part1 of 4] [Part2 of 4] [Part4 of 4]  On April 9th, Christians from all over the world gathered in California at the Los Angeles Coliseum for the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival that took place in 1906. What God is doing now is a pre-cursor to many of the prophetic words of a coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is such an exciting encounter to not only witness what God is doing, but also to be part of the generation when it is happening.

The last time such a monumental event occurred in the LosAngeles Coliseum was during the Billy Graham Crusades in 1963. During this particular crusade, from August 15th to September 8th, a total of 920,927 gathered during the course of events. If these events are not exciting, take into consideration the prophetic word Lou Engle shared during the Azusa Now event. “The proclamation of the Gospel, signs and wonders, and stadiums will be filled, and Billy Graham’s Mantle is coming on the nation.” Continue Reading…

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Jew and the Gentile Repent & Reconcile & Join as Ruth & Boaz for Great Awakening, One New Man. Azusa Now, Part 4
WATCH! Azusa Now in LA Coliseum and the Mantle of Billy Graham Falling on the Nation; Reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles?

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