Catholic Church Repents, Racial & Oppressed People Groups Seek Reconciliation at 110th Anniversary Of Azusa Now Part 2

[Part1 of 4] [Part3 of 4] [Part4 of 4] There were powerful miracles that God did in the recent Azusa Now event commemorating the 110th anniversary of Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California. Today, another powerful gathering of believers, from all across the Body of Christ, gathered at the Los Angeles Coliseum to cry out to God, in humility, repentance, and forgiveness asking for revival.

In order for the Church to walk in the power of healing, we must humbly embrace the soles of repentance and forgiveness. Right now in America, our nation is experiencing such a tension of racial division. But, that doesn’t mean that God can’t still do an awesome work. As The Church, it matters how we handle and respond to the issue of race in our nation.

As Lou Engle and another friend were seeking the Lord for revival, the man had a dream. In this dream, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was carrying a white bag with black handles. MLK, Jr. turned the bag upside down and violently shook out the contents of the bag and threw it to the ground. When the man went to pick up the bag, MLK, Jr. said, “NO!…” After seeking the Lord for the interpretation of the dream, the Lord revealed, “It’s a white bag and it’s the black handles. This is how your generation of blacks, African Americans, have handled the white baggage. You’ve been carrying it for way too long.” The words the man continues to share cannot be ignored. “Get rid of your bitterness. Get rid of your resentment. Get rid of your unforgiveness. Get rid your guilt manipulation. Get rid of your white baggage so that we can all get into this new vehicle that’s gonna bring revival and justice for everybody.” The questions remains, “What color is your baggage?” Continue Reading…

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WATCH! Azusa Now in LA Coliseum and the Mantle of Billy Graham Falling on the Nation; Reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles?
WATCH! 110th Anniv of Azusa Now; Racial Reconciliation; and the Catholic Church Repenting to the Protestant Church

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