“If I could live my life over again I would focus more on unreached people…I don’t want to just entertain Christians “, Francis Chan speaks at Urbana

Young adults that are hungry for the things of God are gathering to learn how they can have a greater impact on the heart of God during their lives. It is called Urbana, and it is one of the largest student missions conferences in the world. As one man describes it, “They are looking at what that next step is, and it’s a really critical time to be trying to figure out what God’s will might be for your life. Whether that means you’re integrating missions into some other career, or you’re looking into a career in missions, period. God can use you either way and God will use you in a huge way.” Urbana isn’t about just simply listening to a few speakers and returning to a campus or a city. “It’s expanding our world views and just opening our eyes to what the Global Church is and how there is a need for us to be a part of that.”

It is so refreshing to consider the truth that these young adults are hearing when they are attending an Urbana Conference. When we speak truth from the Word of God, it rips open the heavens above us. Sometimes, the truth may be difficult to share, or difficult to hear, but it is an open heaven above us that we want. Francis Chan was one of these speakers at the recent Urbana event and didn’t withhold sharing truth to the young audience. Continue Reading…

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