If you Can’t Tread Water, It Doesn’t Matter if You can Swim; Wisdom for Everyday Life

In Military branches such as the Navy and the Marine Corps, a basic fundamental that must be mastered before graduating boot camp is the ability to tread water. Regardless of your ability to swim, or what your further training may be, everyone must be able to tread water for a certain period of time. Oddly enough, for those seeking the elite units within these branches, treading water still  serves as a foundational exercise in training and can often be the hurdle that causes some to fail their training. Without the ability to tread water, it doesn’t matter what your future hopes or goals are in the military.

This perspective can be applied to daily life as well. Many have high goals regarding their finances or the size of home that they want to live in. But, without the ability of simple wisdom, like budgeting, and the faithfulness in daily routines, we won’t get very far. It doesn’t matter what we acquire or achieve, it is only a matter of time before things come crashing down. While some are fixated on the next “opportunity” to “hit it big”, for some reason it always ends up the same. Could these individuals be consumed with the drive to simply have more money? God doesn’t mind us having things but HE DOES mind things having us. Continue Reading…

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