Mass Flooding, Millions without Power, Stranded on Roofs without Food or Water! Operation Blessing on the Way: In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Crisis, VFNKB
Our hearts are saddened and broken for our fellow citizens on the Gulf Coast who are suffering as a result of Hurricane Harvey, which came barreling in as category 4 hurricane, bringing much destruction and a deluge of rain.  Mass flooding, stranded people on roof tops, and millions more are without power, and it still continues to rain.   Reports are, people are getting desperate as a new reality is beginning to set in.  Its reported that FEMA’s director says Harvey is probably the worst disaster in Texas history, and it will take years to recover. So many first responders, as well as citizens from all over the Gulf Coast  are giving everything they have to rescue people and bring them to safety.  This is only the beginning.  We, at VFNtv, are urging everyone, everywhere to do two things:  First, pray. Ask God to comfort the victims  of this horrific storm, and to provide the help they will need to recover and to keep everyone safe.  Secondly, Donate to Operation Blessing as they are presently in Texas giving out supplies, resources, and ministering to the needs of the people in Jesus’ name.   Operation Blessing is a trusted source as we have worked closely with the leadership team during hurricane Katrina.  Donate to Operation Blessing Disaster Relief Fund and please share with a friend.



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