Pat Schatzline Tidal Wave of Revival Coming

We have been sharing many prophetic words about what the Lord has been revealing about what is to come in the near days ahead. Many are hearing that there are times of destruction ahead as well as a coming wave of God’s Glory. Sid Roth, host of It’s Supernatural, recently invited Pat Schatzline to his program to talk about what the Lord had been saying and revealing to Pat, what has been revealed to Pat also lines up as well. He shares about a dream that he had with his wife running across the United States and a large wave crashing and following closely behind them. They arrive at Washington holding on to the pillars of the White House. He shares about what the Lord specifically said to him about the dream, “Son, what you saw was not judgment. You saw the next wave of revival that is coming to America and it will be the final awakening that is coming.” 

Pat continued to share about how the Lord revealed to him how this revival would take place in America. “I was flying in a place across America, a while back, late at night and I saw lights off in the distance in different places. And the Lord said, “That’s the way revival will hit America. There will be hot spots. Then there will be other places that The Holy Spirit walks past; Churches that He no longer stops at, those that are not preaching truth and standing on God’s Word.” Continue Reading…

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