Soldiers HEALED, Word and the Spirit, Pin Point Accurate Words of Knowledge, Azusa NOW on 110th Anniversary Azusa Street Revival Part 5

It is encouraging to see God moving upon an entire generation and hear the harmony of voices crying out for God to pour out His Spirit upon His Church and over the entire Earth. That is exactly what took place at Azusa Now at the LosAngeles Coliseum, when people from all over the world gathered to commemorate the 110thanniversary of the Azusa Street Revival.

As people were worshiping and praising the Lord, God was healing people. It is beautiful when anyone gets healed. What makes this moment even more special, is that it was those who defend our freedom, that were healed. Three men shared their testimonies. After each of them suffered injuries from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) affecting their hearing, they all experienced severe hearing loss. One man expressed his hearing, because of the blast, this way; “I have such bad crackling that I have to go to the very back of the church when I worship because it’s like a broken speaker. I have to muffle my ear to worship.” But God gave him a new ear. “I’m here and I’m completely healed!” Three men ended up sharing their testimonies as to how the Lord healed them from similar injuries.

It was the Holy Spirit that touched these men, and it was the Holy Spirit that was moving all across the crowds throughout the entire day. As a man that God has used mightily throughout the Body of Christ, Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission, shared profound wisdom that was characteristic during the powerful outpouring of the Azusa Street Revival. Quoting Smith Wigglesworth, Cunningham stated, “Whenever the Word comes together with the Spirit, we will have the greatest spiritual awakening the world has ever known.”  He continues to share this important truth, “That’s where the power is released. When the Word and the Spirit come together.” It is vital that we read our Bibles and we must also yield to the leading and presence of The Holy Spirit. Continue Reading… 

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It’s Okay to Raise a Family with Godly Values and to believe God for a Nation filled with Christians
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