Compassion, Rescue and Provision for Hurricane Victims: America’s Leadership Putting Americans First

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) Hurricane Harvey pounded cities throughout Texas with its catastrophic winds and devastating flooding that followed close behind. Before this Hurricane even entered the Gulf of Mexico, Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and President Trump were already in communications in order to properly prepare for the looming dangers. The actions that have been displayed throughout Texas have been an inspiration to the nation as selfless and caring acts have been seen over and over again. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen were on the ground in Texas helping those effected by the devastation of Harvey.  If their presence was not encouraging enough, the Vice President echoed powerful words of hope to all of those throughout the nation. “We are one American family. That when one hurts, we all hurt.”

While many are facing unspeakable loss and devastation, the very best of those in our nation are rising to the surface. The Vice President, as well as the President, understands that there is a long road of recovery ahead for the state of Texas. Vice President Pence expressed, “On behalf of the American people with the leadership of President Donald Trump, to the people of Texas, we are with you today we will be with you tomorrow and we will be with you every day until this great state and these great communities recover and rebuild to be even better and stronger than ever before.” It is so deeply encouraging to see the leadership of our nation being present alongside those in our nation that are experiencing such devastating loss and hardship.
While Hurricane Harvey caused mass devastation along the coast of Texas, moments later, Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida. President Trump also worked closely alongside Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott. God has truly blessed our nation with a leadership that understands how to be there for our citizens in great times of need. While President Trump was continually coordinating in order to respond to the devastation, First Lady Melania Trumpwas also present alongside him as they passed out food to those in need.
It is so encouraging to see the hearts of Texans and Floridians rise to the top amidst so much calamity. When Texas was in need, many from Florida responded in any way that knew how. When Florida experienced devastation, many Texans returned the favor in order to be there for their fellow citizens. So many priceless images have been shown in these horrible moments. God has revealed that these storms are preparing hearts and wherever these storms come, revival is coming soon after. Be encouraged and inspired as you see our nation’s leadership meeting personally with many throughout Texas, and Florida, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: FEMA, Red Cross, The White House, Trump Administration, hope, crisis, care, Baby Born Alive Bill, HUB States, revival, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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