WATCH! Earthquakes; Hurricanes & Floods, Are these the End Days?; and the National Debt


END TIMES? 5 Hurricanes and Earthquakes all over the World, and Coming Tsunamis -What you need to know
What is going on in the world right now? We are seeing Category 5 Hurricanes ripping through America, flooding Texas’s Gulf Coast and the city of Houston. Hurricane Irma left a wake of destruction and calamity from Puerto Rico to Florida. Hurricane Maria has caused devastation in Puerto Rico while residents were trying to recover from Irma. In the midst of these catastrophes, Mexico just suffered an earthquake that measured an 8.2 on the Richter Scale. These events could not be more telling that we are experiencing the signs of the times.
We must pray for those who are going through these difficult moments. Live footage from Mexico catches crowds of people gripped with panic as buildings literally shake and fall to the ground. Hallways shake as people reach for any kind of stability. In our culture of a 24-hour news cycle we become inundated with the travesties and natural disasters that are happening across the globe. It is becoming more and more commonplace that we can completely miss how rapid they are taking place.
When we look at the one month of January in 2017, one video shows a compilation of 11 different massive disasters happening all around the globe. Then they move to the next month, there were NINE more catastrophes. This is actually happening. This is not special effects. This is not a movie. This is a time that we must take prayer seriously and begin to seek the heart of God. If you pray, God will respond to you.
Perry Stone shared on the types of natural disasters that he was shown. When Perry Stone was recently on the Jim Bakker Show, he shared about a vision he had of being near Charleston, South Carolina and seeing massive flooding taking place. “I see two things at once. I see the Twin Towers ghosted, coming up out of the water…” Stone then asks what he thinks is going to come. “Is this going to be a terrorist attack?” He strongly implies that he does not know the answer to that question. “Is it natural or is it made by an explosion underwater. I don’t know.”
As Stone continues to describe the vision he was shown, he describes a coming Tsunami and the level of force that it had on structures. “And when it hit the bridge it was with such force, and I don’t know if they put explosives under the bridge, but it was like a combination. That whole bridge collapsed; and it was so high it was coming right into those duplexes into the second story.” The devastating things that Stone has been shown isn’t limited to Charleston, South Carolina. He continues to describe what took place in Baltimore, Maryland, and the fact that he has been having tsunami dreams “every 2 to 3 weeks”. These visions are not limited to just the East Coast. “There’s a shaking coming from the East Coast. Water is coming that way. But, there is something on the West Coast. Water is coming that way”.  These events were not limited to coastal cities. Stone describes how people were in cars seeking refuge in the mountains as well. No matter what he is shown, he says the same thing, “Get water and food and get to the top”. The number of catastrophes that have taken place have caused Stone to no longer hold anything back with what he has been shown. The very words that God has given us, we cannot keep to ourselves. It is vital that we are not simply preparing for a natural disaster, but that we are preparing for eternity.
In these times and seasons, we are grateful to have a strong leader over our nation as we do. But, it seems that no one is talking about the national debt. While tsunamis are hitting America from both the East and the West Coast, it’s important that we recognize that America is $20 Trillion in debt. If we don’t realize this, we might want to first look at the interest alone, which is costing each household $2,000 every year. When crisis hits, people run to the ATMs. But, where will people go when the money goes out?
Bill O’Reilly recently talked to Brian Riedl, with the Manhattan Institute, about this important topic. When O’Reilly begins to ask Riedl why people are not discussing this, he shares this response, “They don’t feel it and notice it. They are paying for it, but they don’t notice it.” Riedl continues to address how the “Right now, on average, $2,000 a year of the average household taxes go to paying interest on the National Debt.” If people aren’t bothered by these amounts, they may think again when they realize how a hike in interest rates will affect the numbers. “Right now, interest rates are low. Basically, we’re getting teaser rates.” As interest rates continue to rise, as Riedl details, these amounts can reach as much as $8,000 in taxes every year.
As Riedl releases more interesting points, he expresses that our government is presently borrowing to pay the interest on our debt. “Eventually, something has to give. Depending on what happens to interest rates, the deficit is headed steeply high over the next 10 years, and you’re going to get to the point where the government is running deficits well into the trillions of dollars.” According the Riedl, the choice at this point will either be to cut spending or raise taxes. As the conversation continues, they discuss the possible options of cutting spending in different areas, such as Medicare or Social Security. But, when it comes down to it, Riedl addresses the politicians who have convinced us of receiving benefits for free. “We’ve allowed politicians…to let us believe that we can get government for free.” Riedl continues, “I think the politicians are being irresponsible to the next generation, but so are the voters. Because, let’s face it, we want free things from the government. And, in a campaign, the politician who promises you free things will always defeat the politician who tells you that we have to pay for it.”
All of these things are escalating at the same time. We need to be in prayer for our nation. We need to pray for our President. Providential financial blessings will come to America if the President moves the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. This is very possible as this is the year of the breakthrough. God is looking for those that He can entrust with Kingdom wealth. All of these events point to the Biblical Last Days. Rick Joyner confirms this with his recent words when he was on the Jim Bakker Show.
As Joyner points to the Early Church and their many writings, he emphatically states that we are indeed in the last days. ‘We’ve been on Earth, since Adam, about 6,000 years, and that is six prophetic days.’ In Peter 3:8, Peter states, “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”  Joyner continues to express profound insight on the remaining day of the week. “Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath which is the 7th prophetic day. He wasn’t talking about being Lord of one day of the week. He was talking about the Millennial Day; the Millennial one-thousand-year period in which Jesus will come to Earth, Himself, to rule.” With these statements understood, Joyner makes his point very clear; “So we are, according to the timelines given in Scripture, somewhere near the end of the 6th day.”
This is not a time of doom and gloom though. Joyner continues to parallel how God created man on the 6th day of creation and the signs that are about to take place in the Body of Christ in this 6th prophetic day. “I believe we’re gonna see the Body of Christ all that it was called to be, to walk in all the authority and power it’s called to walk in, being the new creation, which greatly transcends the old creation.” As we endure these last days, they will not be experienced without the birth pains that Jesus described in Matthew 24. The natural disasters and catastrophes happening around the world are these birth pains. As Joyner talks about many events that have taken place in Church history, he describes the urgency of the days that we are presently in. “We’re obviously getting closer to the birth and the contractions are getting more powerful. So, we’re getting close to the birth, I believe, of the age and also of the Body of Christ as what She is called to be revealed as.”
We need to be prepared to go through something. We need to have 90 days of preparation. Food and water to sustain ourselves and our immediate families when these disasters occur. When crisis happens, food, water, and gas are immediately emptied out. How peaceful would you be knowing that you and your family are taken care of? Be encouraged and informed as you see the full discussion of these important days, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, sink holes, National Debt, Bill O’Reilly, Perry Stone, Jim Bakker Show, Rick Joyner, politicians, government spending, The Millennial Reign, spiritual contractions, The Last Days, The End Days, Israel, U.S. Embassy, and President Trump. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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END TIMES? 5 Hurricanes and Earthquakes all over the World, and Coming Tsunamis -What you need to know
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