It’s Only Going to Get DARKER and DARKER Until We Cry Out

What is going on in America? There are so many things happening in our streets, in our families, and all across every facet of media imaginable. These are the very days that God has spoken and warned us about. 

Prophetic words from John Paul Jackson of softball-sized hail is coming to fruition. Continual warnings of economic collapse and attacks are being repeatedly sounded and heard from multiple voices. Shooter after shooter is spreading fear across city after city as gunshots ring out changing the landscape of cities and our memories forever. Warnings of kingdoms being jolted are being declared as entire nations are deciding to leave established Unions. Radical Islam is continuing its evil spread of violence while the President says it’s a perverted interpretation of Islam. Prophets that God has raised up for a time such as this are faithfully sounded the alarm, while others, as Eric Metaxes shares, are not listening to the Prophets. Simply skimming over the headlines and events of the recent years of America and the World, we can see that things are simply getting darker and darker. This is not a movie. All of this is actually happening. Continue Reading…

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