Hurricane Harvey’s Devastation in Texas – Operation Blessing Brings Great Resources & Volunteers

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LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!)News crews and headlines have begun the transition to the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in Florida, yet relief efforts are still an ongoing operation throughout Texas. Many are still without power and even without homes because of Hurricane Harvey. Operation Blessing is continuing to meet needs on the ground where people are still in need of the essentials.

President of Operation Blessing, Bill Horan, shares about the devastation in Rockport, Texas, where Harvey made landfall. “The damage is so catastrophic, that it reminds us of big tornadoes where things are just completely ripped, houses blown off their foundations and nothing but slabs left.” Horan continues to describe the level of devastation that Harvey inflicted. “The scope of this disaster is beyond anything we’ve seen in recent years.” The effect that Operation Blessing is having on the ground couldn’t be possible without those who volunteer their time to help with the cleanup, as well as those who have given financially. The greatest thing that we can do in God’s Kingdom is to lay down our lives for others. Greg shared in this segment.
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