President Trump signs Declaration Designating September 3rd as Day of Prayer in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

As the people of Houston and Southern Texas, and the nation, continue to respond to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, the nation is captivated by the continual images of Texans displaying selflessness in the face of this tragedy. Citizens are responding to the call to join the rescue efforts by using boats and whatever resources they have to help their friends and neighbors escape the flood waters. As the nation responds with resources and manpower, President Trump has authorized today, September 3rd as a Day of Prayer. Faith leaders surrounded President Trump at his Presidential Desk as he signed the Declaration designating this day. As the President turns the attention to those around him for comments, one man expresses, “Mr. President, I think it goes without saying, that in a moment like this, we all come together as Americans. We all bow to Almighty God. We ask for His grace and His mercy over those who are effected, and we thank you, the Vice President, and your entire team; FEMA, everything you’re doing to deploy every resource of government to help those effected. And, most of all, Mr. President, we thank you for acknowledging, that ultimately, it is God that is the source of our unity as Americans. Thank you for issuing this proclamation.” Continual words of encouragement ring out from those around the President as others express the amount of prayer that is being lifted in this moment Join with us as we pray for of all of those effected by Hurricane Harvey. 
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