PROPHECY! The Seat of Evil will come Down, the The Seat of the Righteous will Rise; Elijah vs Jezebel and her Prophets

Some may not be aware of how our schools are effecting our children, but it is being taken to a new level at the recent addition of Satan Club to specific schools. This isn’t simply being talked about, these Clubs are already being added in School Districts. It is also being reported that at the end of the Obama Administration, the ‘After School Satan Club’ was granted ‘tax-exempt’ status from the IRS after only ten days. Reportedly, these Clubs are only applying applications to those specific schools that have Good News Clubs. It seems as if this is a comparable battle likened to Elijah and Jezebel.

Jordan Lorence, with Alliance Defending Freedom points out 6 things to know about these Satan Clubs. In an interview with CBN News, he describes, “The group does not believe in satan, it’s an atheist group that does not believe in supernatural anything. What they’re trying to do is eliminate the Christian ‘Good News Clubs’ from the public schools by scaring parents, scaring school officials, by talking about satan and getting them to close the schools to every after school club.” He further elaborates on these satan clubs that they are not about ‘drinking goat’s blood…’, but, “teach kids that science answers all questions that there is no God.” Essentially, as Lorence describes, their ultimate motive is to remove all groups and freedom of speech from these schools. As we look at these events, we have to recognize that we are being brought to a place of decision. Who is your God? Who are you serving? Continue Reading…

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