WATCH! Recovering from Hurricane Harvey; Operation Blessing, President Trump, and Governor Abbott’s Immediate Response

Crisis of Hurricane Harvey! America Responds – Operation Blessing & America’s Leadership

Hurricane Harvey has caused an estimated $180+ Billion worth of damage in its wake. As numerous organizations respond to the devastation, one of the organizations is Operation Blessing. Jodie Gettys is VP of Operation Blessing and she has been on the ground, serving those affected by Hurricane Harvey by handing out needed resources and much needed prayer. “Operation Blessing is going to be here in Texas working. We’re going to be in communities like this coordinating volunteers. We’re going to be sending in truckloads of relief supplies and even just bringing in refrigerated tractor trailers so that people can use them to store food to cook…” Operation Blessing understands their effects on the ground could not be possible without the coordination with local individuals. “We’re connecting with local pastors, local emergency management…” This is such a time of difficulty for all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
What has been a continual reminder of America’s selfless response in this tragedy is President Trump’s continual words of hope as well as his presence at ground zero in Houston, and the surrounding areas, of Hurricane Harvey’s epicenter. President Trump expressed his thanks to First Responders. “I just wanted to say, we love you, you are special. We’re here to take care of you. Its’ going well and I want to thank you for coming out. We’re going to get you back and operating immediately…We want to thank the whole group. This has been a total cooperative effort.” It is deeply encouraging when the leader of your nation expresses his support not simply from behind their desk, but in person, on the ground, where you are. We are so thankful for President Trump and his entire Administration in their response efforts to this catastrophe.
As President Trump spoke to those in Texas, in person, he also sat down with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and many representatives from FEMA, The Red Cross, and members of his Cabinet on the ongoing efforts taking place. To highlight the actions that have been taking place behind the scenes, Governor Abbott reveals the level of urgency that the Trump Administration has taken towards Hurricane Harvey. “…about 10 days in advance of the hurricane even coming in to the Corpus Christi area. Members of the President’s Cabinet and the President himself were in contact with me and my office pre-preparing for this catastrophe that was coming our way. At every step of the way…the President and his Cabinet remain in constant contact with me and my staff.” There is only so much that can be shared through our sources of media. It is these realities that we must not forget take place so that the resources that are so desperately needed make their way to those that need it most. It is amazing to see this response take place at the time that it was carried out.
As Operation Blessing continues to respond to the crisis by providing immediate needs, such as food, water, dry clothing and prayer, we can watch these events and not know how to be a part. The lie is: “I’m only one person, how can I help?” As you’re seeing people receive hugs, perishable items, as well as other goods, to that person receiving these items, they are surrounded by caring individuals. When we all respond, a mighty army of love materializes. We can volunteer. We can give. We can pray. God loves for us to be there for those who are hurting. In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” It’s important to remember too, it is not simply food, water, and shelter that is needed in this moment, but EVERY NEED. Operation Blessing also provided cribs and diapers to those with babies and families affected by Hurricane Harvey
As Operation Blessing, Governor Greg Abbott, and President Trump have responded to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, President Trump understands, firsthand, how much is done behind the scenes to make this relief effort a reality. As he has communicated personally with emergency organizations, President Trump also took time to lift up and encourage those at Emergency Operations Center,”…the job you have done is incredible. What you’ve done is, under circumstances — I said before the word “epic” and “historic.” These are words used to describe this monster known as Harvey. But the job you’ve done is really special.”
Much of the work that is being done in response to Hurricane Harvey is behind the scenes. Yet, if one were to ask those that have been rescued from the flood waters, they may share a different story. As President Trump also visited military members in Houston he shares about the tremendous efforts that have been carried out. With military members at his side, the President highlighted, “I hear the Coast Guard saved 11,000 people. 11,000, think of it, almost 11,000 people by going into winds that the media would not go into.” As the President continues his thanks for all the military and their selfless acts, he continues to express his words of hope. “We’re with you 1,000 percent.”  It is such a beautiful sight to see our President speaking hope over every situation, and everyone that he speaks with.
While President Trump was not the only member from the White House visiting Hurricane Harvey victims, Vice President Pence and his wife Karen, also visited firsthand with Texans. They took part in volunteering any way they were able as they continued to clear debris. The Vice President echoes the same words of hope as the President shares. “President Trump often reminds us that we are one American family. That when one hurts, we all hurt. We stand together in difficult times. Those who at this very hour are continuing to put themselves in harm’s way to rescue people and deliver them from danger and they and you have inspired the nation and we commend them.”
As President Trump and Vice President Pence express their many thanks to the many organizations and individuals who have helped in the relief efforts, we express our deep gratitude and thanks for President Trump, his Administration and the many organizations that have helped coordinate the relief efforts during this tragedy. We are deeply inspired to see our leadership taking such a preparatory role in working with Governor Abbott and the state of Texas. We are deeply grateful for Jody Gettys and everyone at Operation Blessing who take the many items donated from so many Americans and see that they get to those that need them most. We encourage everyone to take this time and do their part in responding to Hurricane Harvey and those affected by it. Be encouraged as you see the many selfless acts of Americans all throughout the nations, our leadership responding with hope, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Hurricane Harvey, Category 4, Operation Blessing, Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Katrina, President Trump, Trump Administration, Trump Administration Cabinet, FEMA, The Red Cross, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard, Martial Law, Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence, First Lady Melania Trump, Jody Gettys, Houston, Texas, shelters, disaster recovery, crisis, hope, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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Crisis of Hurricane Harvey! America Responds- Operation Blessing & America’s Leadership
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