Riots in the Street, Food Trucks Robbed, and Crashing Currency? John Paul Jackson’s Prophetic Words Coming to Pass throughout the World- Will America Wake Up?

In recent months, America and other nations have been consistently bombarded by violent attacks from within, resulting in devastating loss of life causing a reality in which some people may view as ‘the new normal.’ Though much of the world was caught off-guard by these acts of violence on their streets, Amos 3:7 explains that the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets” first. And this proved very true in the case of late prophet John Paul Jackson, with whom God shared present-day events we are experiencing now, and many that we have yet to experience.

John Paul Jackson
was shown a number of disturbing outcomes for America, if our nation (and the Church) continues on the path it has chosen. “Riots in the streets are coming,” he stated in a talk with Daystar, when describing what the Lord had revealed to him. He knew that this had to do with anger following the upcoming election. Jackson saw six cities in particular that were so affected by riots and loss of life, it became necessary to declare Martial Law; these areas being Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and one other unknown city. Not only did he witness rioting, but also a looming economic collapse.
The Euro is going to end up collapsing and the Dollar will not be far behind it,” he explained. Continue Reading…

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