Why do so many Synagogues have Security? Anti-Semitism is Alive and Real in the World

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) When Jesus came to mankind to save them from their sins, He didn’t care about ethnicity. We are all made of dirt. All of us are made of dirt and spit. When a man needed healing in his eyes, Jesus spit in the dirt and rubbed it in the man’s eyes. It is important not to get focused on the outside, when Jesus is focused on the inside, our hearts. When we hear about anti-Semitism, this simply means racism towards Jews solely because they are Jewish. When Hananya Naftali, a Christian born in Israel, traveled to Germany, he was astonished at some of the sights that he witnessed.

When Naftali recently traveled to Germany and Poland, he was able to share encouraging words to many people. But, one observation that stuck out to him in his travels was the amount of security solely around Jewish Synagogues. “The police were guarding literally every Synagogue I’ve visited in Europe. And the question is, ‘Why the Jews need protection?’” Some may believe that hatred towards Jews ended after the fall of Nazi Germany and World War II. But this is not true. As Naftali states, “And today in 2017: anti-Semitism is still alive. Hate towards Jews is not a fairytale, its’s alive and it’s kicking.” Do we see the same amount of protection with security around mosques or churches? As Naftali regularly posts videos on his YouTube page about Israel, he asks this rhetorical question; “Why do I, a Jew, still get messages and comments that say that Jews are dogs, I’m a pig, and that I should die?” We should always stand up against hate regardless of where we see it.
As Israel continues to be in the national news, some would argue that Israel should give up the Jordan Valley and allow their Eastern Border to be protected by troops from the United Nations. By looking at the United Nations’ continual bias actions against Israel, we can see a common denominator. A brief look at the history of the United Nations’ troops serving in defense of Israel over the last few decades reveals the same track record. The Jerusalem Center compiles an undeniable list of evidence through continual events of United Nations’ troops repeatedly failing at their missions to defend Israel.
The United Nations established UNEF, United Nations Emergency Force, with the purpose of defending Israel’s Southern Border against Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula by placing troops along this border. This placement of troops worked all the way up until the moment that they were needed. In 1967, Egypt advanced a line of tanks causing the United Nations troops to flee. The infamous 6-day War then ensues.
Again, when the United Nations deployed troops in Lebanon, UNIFIL, United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, to keep terrorist organizations from attacking Israel along their Northern Border, they failed in stopping the advancement of both terrorist organizations along Lebanon’s Southern Border and their attacks against Israel. When Israel removed their troops from the Gaza Strip, the United Nations again sent troops with this mission; “to prevent weapon smuggling into Gaza”. What happened? They fled their position. Weapons flowed into Gaza and attacks on Israel increased. This outcome of events has happened on every border. ” Since 1967, the Jordan rift valley has served as a formidable geographic barrier protecting Israel and the front line of its defense in the East.” When we understand the significance of Israel defending the Jordan Valley, we can see how we cannot allow the same unfolding of events to take place.
The actions of the United Nations reveal that Israel cannot depend on the United Nations to defend them when deployed. The United Nations is never going to defend Israel. Just as we have seen smear tactics taking place in America, Israel has been on the receiving end of its own smear tactic from the International Community in the form of the BDS Movement; Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel. While Israel is literally blessing their enemies with so many advancements, ranging from technology, agriculture, and medicine, they continually receive threats and repeated attacks. We must voice the truth about Israel.
See the full report on the realities of what is taking place within Israel, the truth about anti-Semitism, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: racism towards Jews, anti-Semitism, Jewish Synagogues, Poland, Germany, United Nations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and truth. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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