“America At the Crossroads”; George Barna’s Book Reveals the State of the Church

Many are noticing that the days of yesterday are quickly changing and are no more. George Barna’s new book, America at the Crossroads, reveals this very important reality in the Church. So much has changed in the recent years, Barna could only go as far as 10 years and discuss the rapid changes that are happening within those professing to be believers. At the onset, ”90% Nine out of ten adults believe in “God””, but as we look closer and closer, we will see this is far from the actually reality within the Church. “Fewer than half of all Americans (45%) contend that Jesus Christ is actually alive today.

We have to become Biblical aware of what is so that we can clearly identify what does not align with, and what contradicts what the Bible teaches. “Most people lean toward believing that the Bible, Koran, and Book of Mormon are simply different expressions of the same spiritual truths.” While at the same time, “Only 1 out of 8 adults consider themselves to be “highly knowledgeable” about the content of the Bible.” Continue Reading…
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