Lessons Learned from the Vietnam War: We Can Win a Nation with the Gospel

Greg, Pat, and Steve continue the conversation discussing a piece of American history: the Vietnam War. Ultimately, this was a war against communism seeking to bring peace between the North and South Vietnamese. Reportedly, over $150 Billion was spent on this war. Twice as many bombs were dropped during air missions in the Vietnam War than America dropped in World War II. In this war, there was not an identified “front line”.  Because of this, the body count of enemy soldiers was the measure of success, not land taken. Needless to say, this was a significant demonstration of a physical advancement. Did it ultimately have a positive impact on the presence of Communism in the region? Imagine this: what if we would have allocated 10% of the funds to be spent on missionaries who are trained up and sent out to share the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ? Continue Reading…

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